Website Designer / Software Developer in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Hello there!

I'm Casey Dwayne - a Full Stack Developer / UX Engineer that likes projects with a purpose!

I create interactive applications through programming and design. Each project is unique, but runs on my custom engineered Dynamic Site Builder to provide flexible, reliable web development!

I offer web design, development, and consulting services to people and businesses located in the southeastern United States and beyond!

I'll work with you to create a custom website (or software application) that meets your needs (and the needs of the people that will be using your app or website).

I will take the time to communicate with you throughout the lifecycle of your project in a way that makes sense to you!

It gets a bit technical, but I can usually come up with an analogy or metaphor to convey the meaning behind the technology and processes that I use to create your custom web site/software.

If you're looking for a hard worker with the smarts and drive to make things happen, look no further!

I have over half a decade of experience in web site design and web software development, and more than a decade in design (including multimedia like video post-production, soundtrack creation/audio mixing-mastering, and even 3D animation)!

Let's make something great together!

Full Stack Developer and UX Engineer, at your service.

I design, develop, and maintain interactive sites and applications for the web.

What I do isn't exactly "web design", and technically, I'm not a "web designer" (though I used to be).

I'm a web developer that handles the full stack.

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What's the difference between a web designer and web developer?

A web designer, generally speaking, is a front end developer.
The "front end" is the part you want visitors to see.

Designers are responsible for creating a seamless User Interface (UI), as well as filling them in with the appropriate graphics to make them a GUI (almost every website qualifies as a GUI).

Front end developers handle the code that makes up the visible portions of your website.

Good front end developers may even do some basic animation and programming.
HTML and CSS are not programming languages, they're markup languages. Huge difference.

A web developer deals mostly with what isn't seen.
The "back end" is the part you don't want people to see.

Developers handle the code that makes things work, bringing static words and images to life as an interactive application thanks to servers, databases, and the voodoo that is programming!

You need the both (front and back) to produce a quality site or web service.

You need a full stack web developer.
Someone that can provide you with both, and as well as the many things in between!

My focus is divided between Design, Programming, and Music. My background includes marketing and business administration experience.

I can be your software developer (providing a clean, flexibile web software development process) as well as a talented web designer creating media rich websites built to connect with your audience.

Lately I've been focused on software development, but I stay well rehearsed in nearly all aspects of design and web programming/web development.

I give strong focus to User Experience, and I'm pretty darn good at what I do.

Interested in getting your project on the right path?

Let's make it happen!

Web Development Services

Great sites go beyond web design.

When you make people your priority, something amazing happens.

People start paying attention.

Take the time to get to know your audience and connect with them on a deeper level.
These services are included for premium web development clients at no additional cost.

Forget boring template sites.

Everyone else does.

Build something memorable and unique!

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What is the difference between design and development?

Here's the kicker.

front end vs back end development

You need a great developer.

Ask a designer
How do I create a great website?
The answer will likely center around design.
Ask a developer
What's the best way to create a site?
You’ll likely hear words like fast, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Software is expensive. Great developers make development less expensive.

We know that design is something you’ll want to change over time (and that’s a good thing). What’s more important is what you don’t want change: the back-end.

The problem is that not all back-ends (or developers, for that matter) perform equally. If the code that runs your site is built right, making changes to the design will be a breeze!

Knowing how to use something and how it works underneath are two very different things.

Learn more about development and the how to spot a great developer.
Learn the difference between a front end developer and a back end developer
At the same time...
the front is design, the back is EVERYTHING else

You want a great designer.

Why wouldn't you? I can implement any design into your website.

Separating design from development allows you to avoid having your site broken by poor programming.

Design is the easy part.(compared to development)

If you're choosing someone to create your site based only on appearances you risk being burned: building a great website goes far beyond graphic, web, and UI design.

Good design is a matter of opinion. Good development is a matter of fact. Either it works or it doesn't. It fulfills it's purpose or falls flat on it's pretty face.

Yin and Yang Symbol - LOOK TO THE COOKIE

Most designers stink at complex programming. Most developers stink at visual design.

Whaddaya gonna do?
See my attempts at design

The goal of this site is to inform, entertain, and convey the importance choosing the right developer for your project.

How am I doing so far?

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Why would I want to hire a web consultant?

Going into a development project without knowledge of the industry yourself is a senseless risk.

There are freelancers, marketing firms, and even well known design companies that will waste your time and money when it comes to web development.
Far too many of them care more about selling their services than providing quality development.

  1. Take charge of your project.
  2. Eliminate waste and fraud.
  3. Enjoy more peace of mind.
  4. Receive better quality work.
  5. Do more by spending less.
  6. Work with the best people.

By enlisting a web consultant before starting your project, you gain many advantages:

  1. You save money.
    Do more with less by making fewer mistakes and staying on track.
  2. Your project is handled for you.
    The convenience of not having to coordinate the entire project yourself is amazing.
  3. You don't have to learn the technology.
    Leave the geek speak to me! I'll act as a translator between you and the dev team.
  4. You can rest easy knowing someone has your back.
    Know that you're getting everything you pay for with quality in every step.

As a consultant, I can provide as little or as much advice as you need. I'm familiar with many different technologies and the solutions they provide.

You end up spending less on development because you get more for your money. Better quality, stronger results, and faster returns.

There are freelancers, marketing firms, and even well known design companies that will waste your time and money when it comes to web development.
Far too many of them care more about selling their services than providing quality development.

  1. Take charge of your project.
  2. Eliminate waste and fraud.
  3. Enjoy more peace of mind.
  4. Receive better quality work.
  5. Do more by spending less.
  6. Work with the best people.
By working with me, you'll receive substantially more valuefor your project and your budget.
Plus, I work with some really great people!
Sharron Taylor

Marketing & Promotion
Jacob Reed

Artistic Design
Barry Fields

Systems and Security
Check out some of the software I use to make it happen! (Scroll down to reveal software.)
Node.js javascript v8 engine framework
Node enables faster builds and deployment using JavaScript for the front and back!
webpack javascript module bundler
Webpack is setting the standard by unifying builds through a single config.
MongoDB ORM non-relational database
MongoDB offers a high-performance database for non-relational data (such as user systems).
2 way data-binding thru controllers (MVC)
Angular is great for interactive apps because it forces clear separation (MVC) for better architecture.
Jade javascript templating engine
Jade greatly enhances the HTML production process using a semi-dynamic shorthand syntax.
SASS css preprocess classes
Sass is an odd, Turing complete gem that enables better CSS and control over styles.
Green Sock Animation Platform
GSAP is one of the coolest animation tools I've ever seen. It does it all, and does it well.
Babylon JS WebGL 3D JS Framework
Babylon is a JS framework that enables real 3D on the web using the (somewhat experimental) WebGL!
See the rest of my front-end playground
git sub version control respository
Git offers a great version control system with repositories for centralizing code.
Grunt javascript task manager
Grunt is a task manager that can organize your build with different routines.
Netbeans IDE so good must have
Hands down the best IDE I've used so far: it's always up to date with many time-saving features!
yarn package manager
Yarn solves the problems that plague NPM. Get smitten kitten!
See the rest of my developer toolkit

I can help you build something that works.

It bothers me when people get taken for a ride. The web has too much potential for site owners to be jaded by poor quality work.


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