Full Stack Developer and UX Engineer, at your service.

I specialize in web-based applications (sites and software, generally).

My focus is divided between Design, Programming, and Music. My background includes marketing and business administration experience.

Software development, talented web designer.

Lately I've been focused on software development, but I stay well rehearsed in nearly all aspects of design and web programming/web development.

I give strong focus to User Experience, and I'm pretty darn good at what I do.

Want to get started right with your project?

Contact me today to get started!

I offer web development, web consulting, software development, and software consulting in Knoxville Tennessee and beyond.

Before you start your web software project:

Check and research affordable website developers and designers.

Know your market and good content helps search find you!

Hire UX full stack engineer developer for web software, websites and more.

Need to find a good web developer or designer?

3D and graphic design services available for software and website customers.

Videos and langing pages may be created to reach your target audience upon request.

New information about changes in web design are kept up to date. A programmer must always stay current with changing technology in the development field.

Animated, interactive designs attract customers. Design a good user interface to improve user experience on your site or app.




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Best development practices

Node javascript (node.js) back-end development server will help speed up development for your team.

Agile, SCRUM, unit testing with TDD (or test driven development) keeps your code clean. Code that is clean and recursive is easier to maintain, and scales easily.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the new hotness, with more and more servers moving to the cloud based system for power on demand. The infrastructure is distributed and scales up as you need it: only pay for what you use!

Find a great software developer to help your project succeed. Reach your goals in software and web design with the help of an experienced programmer. Creative Knoxville web design and software development company.

Yes, all of this was for SEO but sadly, it works. The homepage is rather limited. In the past I've done one page designs, which are great, except it duplicates some of the content and narrows your real ranking power.

Is this cheating? Well, no, not strictly. Think of it as tactical placement of strategic keywords for better marketing.

You do like to win, don't you?