Modern Web Development
in 75 slides.

I ran across this the other day.

You'll need a pretty strong grasp of web development to understand it, but I was amazed at just how concise it is.

While this is just a brief overview (of what the web developer landscape looked like in 2016), it's a good writeup for developers that have fallen behind with today's module madness.

2017 is featuring some new plays from old players - noteably:

  • Neutrino by Mozilla
  • Neutrino offers a one step build process with preset configurations. It's built using WebPack and comes ready to roll, Babel and all.
    Includes a React preset too!

  • Polymer by Google

    If you ask me, Polymer is components done right! It's core principle is the same as React - but whereas React is all night rave, Polymer is more like a night at the symphony.

  • Yarn by Facebook

    Yes, I talk down about React then praise Yarn. I have nothing against Facebook, I just think React is an ugly solution.Yarn, on the other hand, is a much needed sigh of relief away from the NPM. Everything is stored in one place for ultra fast builds (no need to redownload every time)!