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CDI is a company I started in 2009.

Shortly after leaving university, I began to form a plan.

My plan was simple: Find a need and fill it.

To decide exactly what need to fill, I looked around the marketplace to compare which industries were most in demand with what I was already good at (marketing and design).

What emerged was a company called "CDI Imaging".
Want to skip the backstory and see what I'm doing these days?


Most of my early work was in design and imaging ( logos, photography, video production ). I was slowly working my way up to larger marketing budgets and more distinguished clientele.

After 2 years of mostly consumer services, I landed a decent web design project. I had built my own site (and had remodeled it/improved it since the beginning), so I hammered it out from scratch.

Working with one site was tricky enough, but now I was doing 2. I ended up learning how to program and wrote my first software application.

I rebrand, focusing strictly on B2B multimedia marketing as "CDI Marketing".


Now that I could do front end web development and navigate around in the back, I was on my way to becoming a full stack developer.

With my new infrastructure in place (the Dynamic Site Builder), I was able to work for some bigger clients, with bigger needs.

I call this period "The Grind". It was utterly and stupendously exhausting, but I did learn a lot.

Time for a Change
and a break!


You know what's funny? Life. I wanted to be in marketing for most of my life. When I finally made it, I realized.. well.. I just don't like it.

After 5 years I closed down CDI. I took a much needed sabbatical after working endless days for 5 years straight. Discover more about CDI.When I first started, I was the 3rd business in town. 2 years in, everyone and their cousin were claiming to do the same thing.

Freelance web design / software development
and consulting services.


I re-enter the scene. This time, I'm working on my own projects.

I built a content management system in 2014 so my clients could still access and update their sites.

I used this time to read up on the changes in the field of web development and beef up my existing software.
The DSB is actually split in two now (the Dynamic Software Builder) because it grew too large for one application.

I polish up my resume and build this portfolio website.


I am currently looking to work within a small(ish) organization (full-time).

Preferably, an organization focused on positive social change through digital outreach.

If you're interested in discussing it with me, by all means, contact me!