I love to create.

What started as a hobby turned into a passion. I sold my first project in 2002: a restaurant menu developed in Photoshop 7. Since then I’ve learned volumes about design and different softwares for creating multimedia.

Complemented Design

I can create just about anything from logos to 3D animation. I’ve spent over a decade in design, and I’ve picked up more than a few tricks of the trade to make sure things get done right the first time!

This inclusive set of skills provides a thorough foundation for just about any multimedia project you can dream up!

Artistic Aptitudes

Design services and previous work.

Graphic Design

Logo Design

3D Modeling and Animation

Video Production

Design Styles

I like design that stands out.

Not in a


way, but a

Hey, check me out



When it comes to user experience (UX), I love interactive, intuitive design. It's the little things that make UX special, though the big things always come first! Read more about User Experience: The rise and fall of modern design.

Less = More

I'm a minimalist at heart. Anything that takes away from a design's purpose should not be in it. Simple = Better, as complicated costs more both in labor and results.

As far as design in general, I'm very minimalistic - the simpler, the better, because complicated can come back to bite you in the end.