You need more?

"More reasons you want me on your team."

I'm a pretty awesome employee.
I listen.
I follow instructions.
I use my time efficiently.
I'm helpful and friendly.
I communicate clearly.
I stay in control of my emotions.
I steer towards the greater good.
I'm a fast learner.
I learn frequently and with vigor.
I study things from many different areas.
I double-check information to make sure it's right.
I'm not hard to please.
I don't fussy over little things.
I listen when someone has a problem.
I voice my concerns in a respectful manner.
I'm generally a good person.
I do what's right.
I think of the next guy.
I pass on what I know.
I'm great with data and planning.
I delegate when I need to.
I stay on top of changes in my fields.
I try to solve problems before they happen.

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I'm available for several different services related to multimedia development.