How much does it cost to make a website?

How much should it cost to make a website?

According to Google,
The average website costs at least $3,000.

You can get a page on the web for next to nothing, but the final cost to design/develop your website depends on your needs.

Website design only costs what you invest into it.

There are things your site will need to be successful, but each site is different.

You may not need search engine optimization or a content management system. You may not even need a site at all! You may be able to get by with a one page design (a landing page) until you have the resources to invest into a professional website.

Prices vary, but so do the people working on your site (designers, developers, marketers, and so on). It's important to remember that although price matters, it doesn't matter nearly as much as the end result.

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Here are some of the most common questions I receive about web design.

Why does web design cost so much?

Websites take time and skill to develop.

Graphics, design, marketing.. filling the site with content, adding new content, implementing new features.. each item adds a little to the cost over time.

Here are 3 reasons why a professionally made website can be expensive.

A professional website is expensive because it takes a lot of work!

There are dozens of things that go into making a website besides web design. Search engine marketing, advanced features and functionality through programming, content and copywriting.. the list goes on!

It's important to know the prices for web design - or at least, the cost of developing a quality website - before starting to building your new website.

You aren't really paying for design.

Design comes and goes, just like the trends that constantly shift the consensus about what "good web design" really means. Understanding (and more importantly, being able to use without issue) the core technologies needed to create a great online experience is much more intricate and complex than design.

You're paying for a great site.

A great site has to works well on multiple devices while engaging visitors with a positive user experience to ultimately find and convert people from people staring at a screen into people ready to take action. That goes far beyond web design.

You're leasing experience.

Web development is the fastest changing industry in history. Really. It's intense. What you're paying for is the experience a good developer has from years of training and real-world application. It's no small task to build a great website (or learn multiple programming languages and how to think like a machine [computer science]).

The cost of a website only really matters if you aren't getting the results that you're supposed to receive.

Your designer, developer, company, or team should be open and honest with you about the costs.
You should be clear about what it is you'll receive before the work is done.

Are websites always expensive?

It really isn't that much money.

At least, not for businesses and organizations that need a website. To an individual, it may seem like a lot. It's important to consider what you're buying for when you hire a professional web developer.

  • Flawless performance.
  • Quality development.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Time saving practices.
  • A future-ready website.
  • Actual results.

There are a lot of people out there claiming to do web design. So many that I considered leaving the field at one point. People were taking advantage of companies by putting them into WordPress or Bootstrap template sites and charging X000% markups.

Instead, I decided to continue doing quality work and expanding my knowledge of the web. That's why I can create just about anything while most of the "web designers" you'll find can only fill in the blanks with what has already been done.

How can I get a professional site for cheap?

Ask yourself, "Do I really need a website?"

If you really just need an online presense, maybe a website isn't for you. You may be able to get by with a simple landing page just to get your name out there and start bringing in customers from the web.

If you really need a website, you should just save your resources until it's time to start.

During this time you could plan out what you really want out your site to help save money when you're ready to make your site!

The price of your site or web page depends on how much work it will take to meet your demands.

Informational sites are much cheaper than eCommerce sites.

You can save money by simplifying your message.

You can start small and build as you go.

Start your project off right with a great developer!