Gridr is a flexible grid system built in SASS/SCSS.

It uses a bottom-up approach.
(meaning it caters to small screens like smartphones and tablets first.)

It imposes a minimal footprint.(it uses things that you're probably already or really should be using.)

Why make it?

  • I felt other grid systems were clunky.
  • Grids are a necessary evil - but the markup doesn't have to be.

Why mobile-first?

  • As of 2013, the number of mobile internet users surpassed traditional PCs (desktops and laptops).
  • It's easier to spread things out than try to cram them in (less work now and in the future).

What's the holdup?

It works. It has worked for a while now.

I've recently done some improvements. Gridr is version 1.2

It is marked for open-source. That mean's I'm under no arbitrary deadline to publish.

This site uses Gridr!

The great thing about Gridr and Monster is that you have both restrictive and freestyle development techniques at your fingertips at all times.

You can choose how much you want of either style as you're developing the content!

Structure when you want it, creative control when you don't.

Sometimes you can have both!