Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization gives you free exposure
(or at least, exposure that doesn't actively cost you money).

You've probably heard of SEO before: most site owners have. Most site owners know that it's important for their website, but you may be a bit unsure as to how optimizing your site for search engines can help your business.

I cover what SEO is, what it costs, and how it helps you in Everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization.
I am an Certified Google Partner!
Casey Dwayne is a certified Google Partner!

I've been performing search engine optimizations for most of my career.

Although I'm mainly a developer, SEO is something I've performed for many websites over the years. Many of the optimizations require a high degree of technical ability.

While the gains from proper SEO can return several times your investment, the work is linear: there is no "quick fix". I can promise growth over time.

There are, however, different level of optimizations that I can do to help your site bring in more organic web traffic. Higher levels will require access to your site & source.

See the 5 levels of Search Engine Optimizationto find the option that works for you!
What does it mean to work with a Google Certified SEO?
It means real gains. Increasing rank and search traffic is a perk: attracting high quality leads is the real benefit.

Google vouches for me because I prove my knowledge in optimization (optimizing content and websites) every year. You can trust in my SEO and SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) services to provide measurable improvements in your websites ability to be seen by the right audience!

Being certified in Search Engine Optimization means I can do more than just the optimizations: I can help you track and monitor your growth, as well as help you increase conversions through targeted display and search advertisments!

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