The 5 Levels of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of ranking highly in SERPs.

Everyone wants to rank #1 on Google. In fact, some search engine marketers have made it a point to convince people that if you're not first, you're last: that is total bunk, as I address in Why being on the first page of Google isn't that important.

All Natural Organic Site Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing your sites visibility in search engines.

It's an extention of promoting your business. If you're doing things right, SEO is a fantastic tool for bringing in new customers - without costing you one red cent in advertising.

  1. Lite SEO
  2. Lite SEO institutes only the most essential elements of SEO.

    This level of SEO includes:

    • Submitting your site to Google and other search engines. You'd be suprised how often this is missed.
    • Setting up Google Analyics and Search Console for your site.These are essential tools that every site should utilize.
    • Enforcing a www or non-www variant of the domain name. Prevents a duplicate content penalty.

    Lite optimizations are good enough for splash pages and niches with zero competition.

  3. Basic SEO
  4. Basic SEO institutes the most basic elements of SEO you will need.

    Basic SEO includes all of the previous optimizations, plus:

    • Scanning for proper keyword density and keyphrase targeting.This makes sure you can be found for your ideal search queries.
    • Rank checking and analysis of domain authority (page rank).This assesses the trust signals your site emits to search providers like Google.
    • An outline of steps you can take to improve your position in search. As a site owner, you have the most power in making your website great!

    Basic optimizations may be suitable for (very) small sites and niches with little competition.


    Higher level optimizations will require direct access to your site and/or source code.

  5. Standard SEO
  6. Standard SEO coves

    Standard SEO includes Lite and Basic SEO, and:

    • Basic backlink building.Backlinks are strong indicators of trust to Google and other search providers.
    • On-page optimizations of keywords and keyphrases.Relevant content on a topic signals you should be ranked highly for similar searches.
    • Keyword and traffic monitoring services.This allows you to measure growth and locate additional opportunites.

    Standard optimizations are recommended for standard sites with low to medium competition.

  7. Advanced SEO
  8. Advanced SEO provides a serious edge over the competition.

    Advanced SEO includes Lite, Basic, and Standard SEO; as well as:

    • Keyword research and utilization of big data.Compare intuition to the numbers for maximum effectiveness.
    • Off-site optimizations and backlink services.Relevant content on a topic signals you should be ranked highly for similar searches.
    • Incorporation of "Structured Data" for an additional boost in search.Leverage the Knowlede Graph to help computers better understand your site/content.

    Advanced optimizations are essential for niches with medium to high competitor optimizations.

  9. Comprehensive SEO
  10. Comprehensive SEO is the best you can get!

    Advanced SEO includes Lite, Basic, and Advanced SEO; as well as:

    • Analyis and comparison of strongest competing SEO.Compare intuition to the numbers for maximum effectiveness.
    • Advanced traffic building techniques.If I told you the secrets, you'd have to go for a long train ride...
    • Comprehensive coverage of all vital SEO and trust building activities.Every avenue to push power to your site through SEO will be taken.

    Comprehensive optimizations are the only way to compete in higher levels (non-local like state or global/highly competitive markets).

You need SEO if you want to compete in search.

How much depends on you, your needs, and the optimizations performed by your competition on their site.

You can't always be first on every search, but with my comprehensive plan, you'll have the most advantages that search engine optimizations can provide. Lesser levels can still do well within the footnotes provided. There is no rigging the system, there is no quick fix or wonder pill: the work involved in SEO is linear and rarely waivers. The gains from good optimizations, however, can be exponential.

SEO only raises your rank in search.

Whether you have a good site that is optimized for humans and conversions is another matter entirely.

I can help you build a great website. I can help you be found in search. I can even help you optimize your site to be mobile and user friendly.

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

You'll need a compelling offer, a clear value position, and a site that allows people to find what they're looking for quickly and easily!