"Best Local SEO"

I see it time and time again.

I'm looking over my search data and see phrases like "best local SEO", "SEO nearby", and "top SEO consultants".
  1. I get it.

    You want someone local. You want the best.

  2. SEO is important to your business.

    You can look them in the eye as they promise a better rank for money.

  3. You want someone that gets results.

    Why risk good results to hire someone nearby?

It's silly to me, because I know that good SEO is a difficult, highly specialized operation that has little to do with proximity.

To me, My opinion on local SEO is...

The location that matters most is where your site lands in search engines.

Let's say you wanted to find the best SEO in Knoxville, TN. I doubt very seriously that the best SEO in the world resides in my humble town of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Google (and the many other search providers out there) do not rank you based on how close the Search Engine Optimization Specialist you hired was to you when you hired them. They do not give bonus points if the SEO you used was the best in town.

Search engines care about your site, your content, and that people find it useful. Search companies are in the business of providing useful results.

Using the "best local SEO" leaves your online success up chance.

Search Engine Optimization is a blend of marketing and technology.

Search engines use computer code to scan your content and assess what your site is worth (your rank for a given search query).

Search providers learn from your past and make changes to your position according to value — For companies like Google, the value of your site is determined by the value you provide to your visitors.

When someone chooses to click on your listing instead of the dozens of others, it signals to Google that you're doing something right (you are search engine optimized, at least on a basic level).

When someone clicks on your search result and finds what they were looking for to begin with, Google notices that people find your content useful. Useful content finds its way to the top.

When you hire a professional SEO for the results they can provide instead of whether or not they live in your city, you win big. You pass your local competition because you're working with professionals.

Maybe I'm bias. I don't consider myself Knoxville's best SEO, but I do rank locally and nationally. I'm probably not nearby, but I do understand how SEO works, what it costs, and how much it will take to pass your competition.

Searching for "SEO near me" outside of a major metropolitan area may be a waste of money.

There are different levels of SEO, so your local SEO may still do some good. Some of it is low-level work. For some sites, it really doesn't matter if it's good or not (it just has to be there). It depends on your competition and your needs.

Good SEO is part of a larger, site-wide operation that involves direct access to your site and content (that technical part that blends with the marketing). One thing to be aware of is the potential risk to your site: they need to be able to improve your rank without breaking your site or harming your domain's reputation with the search giant. Violating Google's Terms of Use can result in an immediate (and permanent) ban.

It is good to have a developer implement the SEO changes for you. Getting people to click is a marketing operation. Getting people to stay is the content's job. Creating a site that works and helping you get the most from your site's performance is a developers job.Google and Visitors Agree — Performance Matters.

I use research and planning to give you your best ranking, then grow your organic traffic using the data collected over time.

I offer advanced monitoring services to track user interactions. I issue detailed reports to keep you informed of the progress. I can help you with web design, copy writing, and teach you how to use landing pages to connect with more customers.

I help you win.

If natural organic web traffic is important to you, SEO is a vital part of your website.

Contact me today to discuss your path to high quality visitors.