Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What it is and why you should be using it.

Search Engine Marketing is a one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing.
It works like this:
  1. I create a landing page geared specifically towards one main goal.
    You can provide your own if you have one already.
  2. I target your ad to be visible only to those in your target demographic that are currently searching for services and products related to your company.
    Targeting customers the same moment they are looking for products and services just like yours is a great way to bring in new business!
  3. As an added bonus to targeted marketing, you also save money on your marketing and receive free visibility because you only pay if someone actually clicks your ad.
    If your goal is to increase exposure, you may be better off with CPM pricing (Cost per metric, typically 1000 impressions).

When it comes to promoting your business, it's hard to beat SEM for cost-to-benefit. The average cost per click (cpc) is only 67 cents. That's a low price to pay for customers already looking to make a buying decision. As long as your site is set to sell, you've just converted a sell for less than $1!

Cost-per-click varies depending on how crowded the web space is for your given niche.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) is a form of paid search engine optimization.

It is much like traditional advertising, except that when the coodinator knows what their doing, your advertising dollars are not wasted because the right customer sees the right message.

Eliminate waste. Forget scammy cold calls and fly-by-night wonder pills. This is the real deal, based on years of experience and a lot of number crunching.

I am a verified Google Partner!

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Once a year I take an exam, provided by Google, to prove I really know my stuff when it comes to SEO and SEM. I can make sense of the numbers and translate that into useful information about your site and target audience.

Using Data-Driven Development (DDD or D3), I can help you make better decisions about your online marketing through historical evidence. No more guessing or feeling around in the dark!

How much does Search Engine Marketing (SEM) cost?

Search engine marketing is one of the few things in life where the cost is whatever you decide it will be.

Each month, you set a budget.(It's okay to change it or keep it the same.) I then carefully invest your money, working directly with advertisers like Facebook, Google, and Twitter on your behalf.

that will provide the most gains for your immediate goals.

I convert that investment into measurable results to reduce waste and bring your target customer right to you!

How do you create measurable results?

You tell me what you want.I then put in place campaigns designed to achieve the goals you have provided.

You can watch the progress for yourself, and make adjustments as the needs of your business change over time.

If you think SEM is something you can do just fine on your own, I urge you to reconsider: there are so many things that need configured properly, otherwise SEM will take every penny you allow it and give very little back in return.

Search engine marketing is not the same as search engine optimization (SEO), but it is important.

The gains you make while running a campaign through me will leave a positive effect on your site even after the campaigns are over, but having proper SEO in place will help you achieve higher organic search traffic naturally.

You need both, but if you have not optimized your site, you should go ahead and do so first.

This service is practically free for my part, at least.

It's silly to waste money. Make it an investment!

Talk with me.