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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a blanket term for the process of gaining exposure in search engines.

You'll hear a lot of different things about SEO. That's because it's a broad term in an ever-changing field.

Google is constantly implementing changes to their search algorithms.

SEO is a constant process. It's something you do as you're building your site content and is only by-product of promoting your business.

If you wait until it all piles up at the end, something that could easily have been taken care of while right there at it now has to be gone through and systematically optimized.

If your site needs to be found in search, you need search engine optimization.

How do these optimizations help me and my site?

When done properly, Search Engine Optimizations give your site a better page rank in SERPs.

actual results of this site from using proper search engine optimization (SEO)
This site nearly quadrupled it's impressions in search within a 4 day span!
Actual Google Search Console data from May 18-21, 2017

Ranking highly in Google is something you want - unfortunately, so does everyone else.

You will need proper SEO to receive real gains like more impressions and organic site traffic from Google. This is exactly what I provide.

It's a shame many companies take advantage of site owners.

I once had a business owner contact me because he was sick of paying $250 a month for "search engine optimization".

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Would you like to know what that $3000 per year was paying for?

absolutely nothing.

In fact, they had done no work at all beyond adding the domain to a backlink network (something penalized for years after Google's Penguin update in 2012).

I was shocked. The redesign of his website (from scratch, I might add) was less than he paid in 1 YEAR of that supposed "search engine optimization" -- and this was from a reputable company! (a household name where I am from)

As much as I would like to make $3,000 a year for 5 minutes of work (once), I think people deserve better.

What does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cost?

It's difficult to answer "How much does SEO cost?" with an exact dollar amount.
Need a price? Explore your options with The 5 Levels of SEO pricing guide.
The two largest factors that influence the cost are:
  • the amount of content you need optimized
  • how competitive your area of the market is (online, at least)

A high rank for your site is like good health: you can't really buy it.

There are plenty of common sense steps that you can take to improve it, and if you work hard enough (consistently over time), it will pay off. For most sites, proper SEO will account for between 15 to 25 percent of your overall investment.

SEO is only an expense if you aren't getting results. Good SEO returns your investment.
No matter how great your website looks, no matter how compelling your offer is...
What good is your site doing you if it isn't being seen?
If you want people to be able to find you when they need what you've got, you need to be high on the list of potential solutions!

A small site with little competition can place in the illustrious "top 10" for much less than a site with dozens (or even hundreds) of pages. The fight for that top slot is not an easy one when you're talking about highly competitive fields where everyone is trying to win.

How do I (or you) optimize my site?

Optimization really and truthfully starts at content. You need content that is optimized for both the human viewing your site (something they want) and the crawlers (robots like Google Bot that scan your website's pages so Google can rank your site appropriately).

It also involves good links, both in your internal structure and when sites link back to yours (a.k.a., the proverbial "backlink"). Good internal URLs help the crawlers verify your site is on the up-and-up. Bad backlinks will kill your ranking, so don't fall for any "1000 backlinks for $5" scams!

The truth is, SEO is complex. It isn't all that complicated - you may even be able to do some of it yourself - but the results never be as good as if you hire a professional (unless you're willing to put in a lot of research and hard work)!

If you're doing it the right way from the start, it won't take long before Google and others notice. Professionally done websitse florish. Medicore ones... see you on page - who am I kidding, we rarely ever go past page 1!

Search Engine Optimization is generally a service I provide to web design clients only.
It requires a high deal of control over the site and site content to be administered properly.

While there are optimizations I can do without changing your site, it greatly limits your potential.

If you are interested in SEO as a stand-alone service, contact me and I'll see what can be done.

If you would like to know more about web design or learn about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, just follow the links provided!