Software Development

Software development is an intricate and technical process.

Code - thousands, even millions of lines - must be working together in unison to provide a solid code base that fulfills the needs of your application.It isn't something to be considered lightly. The field of software development (especially web software development) changes radically, and it changes often.

These changes in core technologies and existing solutions can save you hours, even days of labor on every new project.Some choices, on the other hand, can slow you down by weeks, or even months. It's important to know what tech stacks will work the best for you - or in other words...

It's important to have an experienced software developer on your team!

There are many developers out there simply coasting on the coat tails of outdated technologies. technologies that slow down progress, increase costs, and keep you reliant on that developer.

If your dev is as passionate and dedicated to software development as I am, you'll experience cleaner architecture, better builds, and faster delivery.

Agile development: building the right thing, then making better.

There are a lot of trends and buzz-words surrounding software development, but good practices tend to stick around and become standards.

The agile development cycle is etching out it's place in the permanent vernacular of programmers and project managers across the digital world.

What's so great about agile development?
  • You can ship and get feedback more often.
  • You're building a stronger product, incrementally.
  • You can spot and eliminate waste more easily.
  • You can prioritize more immediate concerns as they arise.
  • You're testing everything before deployment for quality assurance.

Agile is more than the latest craze. It's a way of chiseling software development into a lean, mean, problem solving machine.

What does all of this mean for someone wanting a website?

Websites are software, so you'll benefit from these same money-saving advantages.

It also means advanced functionality is there if you want it. You can start small and scale up as your needs change.

You'll feel better knowing that you're working with the best tools and practices. My way lets you do more, ultimately costing less.