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Building a great site goes far beyond web design.

It's about providing value.

To You
Your Audience

It's about creating a positive experience that keeps your visitor interested.

It's about smart design that always puts the people first, giving them exactly what they want.

It's about being seen - bringing in visitors and making a strong impression.

Your needs will grow beyond web design as your site progresses.
I can remove those growing pains for a seamless experience!

When you hire me, you need not worry about servers and databases, front end, back end, SEO, SEM, scalability, modularity — You get the idea.

My focus is on creating interactive applications that help you stand out!

I engineer websites and applications that put people first.
A positive User Experience (UX) is the fruit of intuitive design and code that works.

I'm what they call a full stack developer.
Which basically means I'm comfortable with the entire development process, A to Z.

I'm more of a developer than designer.
That's why I've developed a network of talented designers in motion, graphics, and web!

I create the foundation for your site's success, guide you to time and money saving practices, and show you the ropes for web design.

Additional Resources

Find out what kind of designer / developer I am.

I do advanced programming work, generally in the form of interactive applications.

I started out doing Web Design, but transitioned into much more difficult work.

Along the way, I developed my own software for building interactive applications for the web (including websites).

This software saves you time and money, because it saves me tons of time and money.

It keeps the builds clean for rapid deployment, and it scales nicely because I've used a loosely coupled, highly cohesive module system.

Find out why I do some marketing operations as well.
Even though I left marketing for web development, I spent half of a lifetime learning how it's done.

Most sites are a marketing tool in one form or another. It's handy to have someone with a background in it, because a lot of the same principles that help websites sell are also the same principles that make people want to use your site in the first place.

Search Engine Optimization is actually quite technical. Search Engine Marketing is too important to mess up.
That's why I continue to keep them in my wheelhouse.

Site Analytics, A/B and Conversion Testing, Landing Pages - these are all important marketing operations for your website. They're also operations that require a keen eye for metrics and converting raw data into actionable insights.

Learn if you need a custom solution (or a prefab site).

Determining if you need a custom website really depends on what you want out of your site.

If you're on a tight budget, a prefabricated site / software solution is probably going to fit you better.

If you're wanting a high degree of interactivity and visibility, it takes quite a bit of work to create such sites/applications.

There are options in the middle, mixing and matching, compromising here and there, but it truly depends on the goals you have for your site.

Read more about setting goals, expectations, and developing a budget to match.