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You are not limited by bad design or poor development.

You can create whatever you like!

With me, the only limits you'll find stem from budget and imagination suddenly nothing is out of your reach.

Whether it's a simple one-page website or a comprehensive eCommerce solution, I provide the talent resources you need to see your project to the end!

I offer web consulting, user experience engineering, and search engine optimization to help you get the most out of your project.

My site provides information about my web services to help you create a better website.
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Information About Web Design Costs, Pricing, and Packages.

Website packages bundle services together at a substantial discount because it allows me to create what you need when you first start making your site.

The price of web design will always depend on what you need. Pricing Guides are available to help you better understand the costs involved with making a website.

Website Designer and Programmer

Because I do both programming and design, you receive a better product. Having a good developer is more important in the beginning. visual design elements like theming and content is something you will want to change often. Good developers (web programmers) help making changes to your site much easier to make.

An experienced web programmer is familiar with multiple 3rd party tools, libraries and frameworks, that speed up your site design time and save you tons of money (while keeping your site more manageable and able to scale as your website grows bigger).

Website designers are varied in their level of skill, just like developers. I connect you with designers that can do more than work with templates, allowing you to create whatever you want (instead of whatever they can manage to make for you).

Local Web Design Company VS Experienced Freelancers

You may be considering using a local web design company instead of freelancers. With companies, you'll pay a lot more. With freelancers, you have to be careful how you choose the right freelancer. They both have perks and disadvantages.

I recommend using experienced freelancers that specialize in closely related areas of expertise. In my case, that's programming, UX, and SEO. I make sites that perform as intended, please the user by meeting expectations, and rank in search engines to help your site be seen by the people that matter to you most. I use other talented specialists for things like Graphic Design, UI Design, Motion Graphics (animated videos), Content Writing, and Marketing/Sales.

How To Make My Website Myself Using Site Building Software

You may be wondering "How hard is it to create my site myself?". The answer is: not that difficult.

The problem isn't building a website, it's creating something that works. Anyone can build a site. Making a great online experience that attracts and engages with your audience is another matter entirely.

At the end of the day, your site is an investment. It will either be something that brings you joy and prosperity, or something that drags you down, costing more and more as you try to do it yourself (or get out cheap with amature talent).

You can make your site yourself.. here are reviews of site builders to help you understand your choices (hint: SquareSpace is the only decent one for those that do not code). I wish you luck! You're going to need it...

Web Design & SEO ‐ Will SEO Help My Site?

It seems like SEO and websites go hand in hand. The truth is, SEO is expensive. You can get a lesser level of optimization that will get your site listed in Google and able to bring in traffic, but getting to a high position in search results takes substantially more work.

For small projects under $3,000 dollars, search engine optimization can eat up more than half of your website budget just getting to the top 15. For competitive keywords/search queries. For less crowded markets, you can use a little less.

SEO will help your site, but it is a serious investment. If you do not have a lot of money to invest in it at this time, focus on making a small (yet powerful) website.

Web Developers vs Website Designers — Which Should I Choose?

On the surface this looks like a no-brainer: Web Designers. Unfortunately, web design has limits. It's really only a small portion of your overall site.

Hire a developer first. That way, you will save money and be less limited with what you can accomplish with your design. Programmers make the web work: without them, your pretty website may not even function. It's sort of like building walls and a roof before picking out paint. Hiring designers first is a rookie mistake — create a solid foundation and build up from there.

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