Want to improve your site?

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Learn the best ways to improve your site.

How to improve your site depends on where you are now with your online presence. You'll need to do what it takes to make your site better than it is.

What are good ways to improve my website?

A few good ways to improve your site include:

  1. Making a user friendly design.
  2. Focusing on people and providing value.
  3. Hiring professionals instead of doing it yourself.
  4. Hiring real professionals instead of just anyone.
  5. Using search engine optimization to attract new customers.
  6. Asking for feedback and using CRM software.
  7. Fixing problems with existing site.

The best sites are those that have been around for a while. Instead of jumping from designer to designer, hire a good developer to make your site do better in search and with customers. Site visitors are good about providing feedback just by visiting your site - use their interactions to separate what works from what isn't working. Continuously improve your site!

"Make my site better."

There is no magic wand webmasters can wave to magically make your problems vanish overnight. If you have a developer that disappeared (or has not responded, stopped returning messages, and ceased contact with you), these unreachable web designers are likely doing other clients the same way.

Now you know better.
Improve your website by making a commitment to quality. If you need a re-design, that's what it takes. If you need to start from scratch, it's better than throwing good money after bad.

You can also remake your site if a lot of it is currently working. If your site presently converts, but has issues, consider remaking it instead of redesigning to improve upon what needs improvement.

Making your site do what you want.

I can do anything with websites - can you? Probably not, or you wouldn't need advice on how to make your site perform properly.

When your site isn't running properly, isn't designed to meet your goals, and does not get the clicks and convert like you want - it's time for a change.

Take steps to improve your website as soon as you can! It pays off to build your site right - why use something outdated and non-responsive?

Your customers care. You should too.