Remake My Website

Have a site that needs improvement? Remake it!

A remake is when your site is recreated inside of my modern web framework — the overall design remains the same, the goal is to fix problems like a site that isn't responsive or when your content is poorly optimized.

Would you rather redesign your website instead?

Solution: Fixing Problems (How to Fix Issues On Website)

When remaking your website, I resolve multiple performance issues that plague your site and hinder results.

Common Site Issues...
  1. Site design is not responsive (does not look good on small screens and mobile devices).
  2. Site is slow and unresponsive (takes too long to load, visitors leave instead of wait).
  3. Site has programming errors (poor performance causing abandonment, broken website syndrome).
  4. Server does not always work (poor hosting solutions are harming my site traffic).
  5. Changes are difficult to make (everything looks like gibberish, I can't change what I need).

The list isn't extensive, but it should give you an idea of what a remake aims to accomplish.

Should I Remake My Site?

First, answer these 3 questions:

  1. Do you like your existing design?
  2. Is your existing content working?
  3. Do you just need help fixing a few key issues?

Was your answer yes to all 3? Then a remake is for you!

Remakes are an affordable option, but sometimes it's cheaper and easier to simply redesign or start from scratch.

If you have a lot of existing content you'd like to keep (but you aren't happy with your design or the way your site presents itself), a redesign is definitely the way to go.

If you have little content or reusable assets, starting from scratch will often be the better option for you.

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