Small Business Website

An ideal web solution for small businesses.

What is included with the Small Business Website package?

All in all, the Small Business Website package includes:

  • Professional graphics and UI design (not by me!)
  • Content creation and Copywriting (see details below)
  • User Experience Engineering
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Site and Traffic Monitoring
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Free Reports (17 per year)
  • Up to 40 hours of Support and Consultation per year

It also includes hosting, domain registration, and up to 50 email addresses.

Small Business Website

Small businesses have different needs when it comes to web design.

Since the goal is often to attract customers and convince them to make a purchase, extra care must be taken to ensure the goals of your small business can be met.

Includes professional graphics and design, content, user-experience engineering, responsive web design, traffic monitoring, advanced search engine optimization, free reports, up to 40 hours of support and consultation per year.

Starting at $5,000/year

Can my existing website be used?

It's possible - your existing site will be assessed and anything that is currently working to your advantage can likely be carried over into your new site.

Certain features may be restricted to your current platform (or need to be recreated); some features can only be incorporated when the site is built in my custom site development software. There's rarely a conflict.

Do small business websites always cost more?

You can invest what you like into your business's site.

This package is specifically geared to maximize conversions. It includes everything you need to get the most out of your online presence, turning your website into an 24/7 marketing machine.

I install advanced features like conversion monitoring everywhere there is an important "call to action", or CTA. By tracking and measuring when a user performs (or doesn't perform) a desired action, I am able to use this data to show you valuable, data-driven insights into your site and your customers. This is data-driven development, sometimes called D3.

These extra steps are vital to being able to provide you with Measurable Results.
They also require more work, increasing the initial investment for making your small business website.