Landing Page

What good is a landing page?

A landing page is a special type of web page focused on conversion (getting a user to take a desired action - such as buy an item or sign up for your mailing list). There are many upsides to landing pages; they're specific, serve a singular purpose, and typically cost a lot less than a full website.

You can promote them through SEM and other cost effective digital marketing, then make a new one and do the same! It's almost like a turn-key operation. If you decide you want to make a custom site, most of the work performed here can be tranferred over into your larger online presence.

Landing pages are still technically websites.

If all you have is a landing page, that's all your customers will see. This is both good and bad.

The good:
  1. By focusing on one page, you can make it perfect.
  2. One high quality landing page is better than multiple mediocre pages.
  3. You have more flexibility: each can be suited to 1 unique offer.
  4. You have many of the same perks as a full site (email, domain name, etc.).
The bad:
  1. A limited online presence means less power to rank.
  2. You'll likely have to subsidize organic traffic with promotion.
  3. You must limit the amount of information available (to be effective).

If you feel like a single page may not accomplish everything you need, I highly recommend going with a custom website instead. You'll receive much more flexibility in price, design, and content than I can provide with any of the Starter Website packages.