Measurable Results

Design, development, that's all well and good - but what about results?

Watch the growth.

Whether I'm doing a redesign or a brand new website, I integrate non-invasive extras that track your site's progress along the way.

It's fun to see how your site grows over time. You can measure your efforts to refine the entire way you develop your site/software app.

It's like having insider secrets.

Monitoring how people are interacting with your site allows you to carefully examine what's working and what isn't.

Making progressive enhancements to user experience improves engagement by better aligning with what your audience cares about most.

Taking the time to get to know your audience allows you to connect with them on a deeper level.
Better engagement means higher conversions & user retention.

Measurable results means better decisions.

Reports are available in different increments, and included for all premium web development clients.

Caring how users interact is the best improve your website. Get the data you need to rise above the competition!

This monitoring service is available for premium development clients only.

This service uses proprietary software and requires a high degree of integration with your entire website.