What I'm Looking For:

Time is the ultimate resource. It cannot be bought back. Once spent, it is gone. Forever.

As such, I have the responsibility to use mine wisely.

If you would like to hire me full time, it really helps if...

  • You're working towards a better future for others.
  • You're doing something innovative or really interesting.
  • You let your employees manage themselves so long as they produce the desired results.
  • You're interested in sensible solutions, not chasing the latest buzzword.
  • Your company offers unlimited PTO (within reason).

I strongly prefer a company with the following benefits...

  • Healthcare and Dental Insurance
  • Performance based incentives/bonuses

It would be nice to have the following perks...

  • "Pick your own equipment"
  • Outdoor recreation area (if I will be working on-site at least 50% of the time)

My desired salary depends on the area, the company, and the benefits.