Why you want me

"The Big 3"

The need for software is a fact of life these days.

Unfortunately, many companies suffer due to poor quality work from developers they thought they could trust.

Being a good software developer requires more discipline than most professions. It changes faster than any profession.

It's an expensive position to fill, and it's hard for hiring managers to tell the difference between a developer on the bleeding edge of the industry and someone that puts on a good show and says all the right keywords.

Stop. You want me, and I'll tell you why for free.

Reason 1

I started out in marketing.

This means I understand both the software development and the business side of things that makes development possible.

I can keep things in line, whether it's just me or I'm leading a team. Keeping the clients happy keeps the bosses happy, and happy bosses means a better workplace for all involved.

Reason 2

I was a designer first.

This means I'm familiar with more than just the code that no one sees making all of the magic possible.

My abilities in design go beyond clean graphics and smooth animations: I engineer User-Experience to be a pleasant one, ensuring that the software not only runs well, but feels natural and reduces the guess-work for new users.

Reason 3

I really know my stuff.

I've spent years developing my craft, and although programming was the last area of study, it's the one in which I've done the most work.

My abilities go beyond any one language or methodology: I'm versed in all critical assets of software development, and I've created a multitude of really awesome code.

Ready to roll?

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Still not convinced?

There are plenty of other reasons you want me on your team!