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Web Designer

My career started in 2009 when I decided to take control of my life by starting a company. I sold multimedia services to people and businesses around east Tennessee for several years.

Online Marketing

In 2012, I ceased consumer services and started focusing on B2B marketing. I was able to help others succeed online.

Software Developer

I kept going until 2014, when I decided to do something more challenging. I learned software development and made tools for creating websites even better.

Local Freelancer Near Me

In 2017 I began looking for work and discovered companies are robbing their clients; they waste your resources, slow down progress, and charge you a fortune to do it.

Freelance Website Application Designer

I decided to resume providing freelance services to get back to helping others.

I provide everything your site needs to look great and function properly.

More about web development with Casey Dwayne:

I hear you. "I want to build a website. How do I build a website?"

My first website took weeks, and I knew most of what I was doing!

Avoid "free website" deals. They are never as good as they sound.

You may be asking yourself, "how can you create your own website". You may be Googling it right now - "how to develop my own website".

If you're asking "how can we make our own website" - you need to stop. Free websites, no matter if it is the best free website builder tool or the best web hosting company: it wil never, ever be as good as a professional web site design.

If you need to build a website, look for (and find) a trustworthy, reliable web developer!

A web designer is not quite the same thing as a web dev. Developers are not always designers, and a website needs both to succeed -as well as marketers to put together the search engine optimization that your site so desperately needs.

If you are thinking "how can I build my website from scratch?", know that to build a website from scratch, you will be doing a lot of extra work that is essentially "reinventing the wheel".

To make a site that meets all of your expectations, you need a professional web developer.

You need someone experienced in web design, user management, and user experience.

You need keyword research, and competition analysis. You need to be able to rise to #1 in Google, at least for your main service and name for brand recognition.

If you Google business web hosting, there will likely be a slew of web solutions that can overwhelm you. At the end of the day, web design is both art and science. You need to find a web company, or at least a good freelance web designer.

Development is an important part of web design. (Programming and software are what makes the site work!)

The web software used to create a website (especially to create your own website) is an important aspect of web design.

When building a website, the tools your development team is using to create your website can ultimately make or break the site's success!

Follow best practices for web page design. Flat landing pages do great, but don't forget the CTA (call to action).

A website designer can help you decide on the look and feel of your site (think graphic design, writing copy and other content).

A web designer can even help you map out the User Interface (UI), pick good colors for your logo and business cards, and even give you some guidelines on how to maintain a good user experience.

If you want to find the best web design expert to build your site or web based software application, you need to put in the work to discover a good ally for building your website.

That's why I am a full stack developer and UX engineer!

I help small business owners and medium sized businesses create a powerful web presence using crisp graphic design and a positive user experience through valid programming (all sites run on code).

Animation and interactivity in web design requires JavaScript, CSS3, and often many other technical talents that a creative web developer needs to have.

Casey Dwayne is an experienced web design expert with a focus on interactive single page applications using both Node and PHP.

I have created dozens of sites and applications on the Internet for web design clients.

You can check out design work and programming experience on

If you need a good website, you need a good webmaster.

Take your software application development to a new level!

I will work with you thoughout the entire web design process to help you build your own website with the help of a seasoned professional.

Even if you have your own website development team, a freelance web developer, or just a general idea on how to build a website yourself, it's good to have a professional web consultant by your side at all times.

It's expensive to get online with a site (or ecommerce website) that covers all of your needs.

Your customers will demand that your site looks good, works well, and fulfills their need every time.

It's my job to make sure that it does. It's your job to find someone to build your website that you can trust.

I want to be that web developer - that engineer that will deploy your sites and web software applications in an Agile way.

I am an affordable web developer with years of experience in graphic design, 3D animation, marketing, and building interactive applications.

"What should I look for" when building a website, looking for design firm ( company / organization or independent / freelance)?"
You should look for the best website / web software choice for your small business, company, or organization.

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