Beyond Web Design

Having a great website doesn't just happen.

Great sites take time, resources, planning, testing, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

You may have a great looking website. You may even have some of your content optimized, and are setting yourself apart from the rest by being active on social media. If your site isn't meeting your immediate and long-term goals, you are selling yourself short.

You have to go beyond web design.

You must provide exceptional value, which is much harder to do than simply building a website. Every time a person visits your site, you are automatically creating an experience. Each experience is weighted against all of the other experiences the visitor has engaged in with other websites. Your website needs to be able to at the very least meet (and should strive to exceed) their expectations.

Forget about web design - create a site with purpose.

It's too easy to forget the point of creating a site has very little to do with "web design". Put the people using your site front and center, and they'll reward you with more traffic and higher conversions.

Below is some practical advice for how to increase user engagement and improve user experience to build an better website!

Hit 'em where they live.

Relevant content is vital. Get to the point and provide people with what they came to your site for: information.

People don't want to join your newsletter. They don't need 10,000 words to explain something that takes two sentences. They need the cold, hard facts.

Searches are called "queries" for a reason: someone out there wondered about something so much that they took the time to look it up. Help them need to look no further: provide the solutions they need, and skip the theatrics.

Tell me about it!

No, seriously - tell me. I have no idea you or your product exists until I have my first experience with it. If I'm hearing it from you, it will probably be good things (I hear).

Getting the word out is paramount to growing your audience. They can't go if they don't know! Stop being shy, stop being sly - use social media and search engine optimization tell the world about who you are and what you do!

Get with the program.

Look, web design is complicated - I get it. It's expensive, either in time or money (usually both). This doesn't mean you get to have your cake and eat it too.

You're not fooling anyone by cutting corners. Ignoring glaring problems with your site (including your site's programming) is not helping you - it's hurting you, badly.

I once tried to apply for developer position using staffing company's website. The company had obviously spent thousands of dollars towards marketing and web design, but they skimped on developers: the form that every single applicant had to use to apply didn't even work!

A lot of user experience is determined by code. It's a good idea to keep a seasoned developer nearby.

What's in it for me?

If you aren't answering this question within 20 seconds of a user reaching your page, you're just asking for a bounce.
A bounce is when someone enters your page, looks around, and decides to leave. A high bounce rate actually lowers your ranking in SERPs (as confirmed by Google).

People stick around when you're providing them what they're looking for in the first place. The more you make it about them, the more willing they are to hear what else you have to say! It isn't even really marketing at this point: it's just good etiquette.

Do you want to create better experiences with your site?

Talk with me to learn more about what goes into building a site that really performs. Design is just makeup - it can be changed, tweaked, and adapted at any time. If your development process is not flexible enough, simple changes to the design might be a nightmare!

I can craft for you a dynamic website that will last for years to come.

Web design is so much more than graphics and code - it's about always delivering an above average experience that speaks directly to the wants and needs of your audience. It's about being seen - that means search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and even hitting the pavement with classical marketing methods (depending on the nature of your industry).

Building a great site takes a great developer.