The First Page Of Google

Isn't That Important After All

Everyone Wants To Be #1

Google and other search engines use Highlander rules.

The good news is..

Being the first listing on Google doesn't really matter.

There are plenty of articles out there trying to tell you "91% of searchers do not go past the first page". That's total bunk. I receive multiple visitors a day from page 3, 4, 5, 6, and even beyond the first 100 results!

While there is some truth to stating a good percentage of searches do not go beyond the first page, these marketers and SEO companies neglect tell you the reason why.
Most searches are simple questions with simple answers.

Sometimes people use a phrase and then change it before ever clicking a link. Sometimes (and more often than you may think), the first page cannot satisfy their query. They begin scanning through pages of search results, looking to find the listing that better suits what they need.

People want to compare and be informed. They like to cross-reference, read reviews/learn what others think — and they really like to do this as simply and efficiently as possible. Help them out with UX and SEO!

  1. How To Get To The First Page Of Google (Make A Great Website)
  2. How To Get A Better Rank (Copy Writing)
  3. How To Increase Site Traffic (SEO)
  4. How To Improve Conversions (UX)
  5. How To Improve Domain Authority (Backlinking)
  6. How Do I Improve Page Rank (PR)

Quality Matters.

Seriously. You need to be properly optimized for search engines (learn about SEO [search engine optimization]). That's a given. You may need some help in this regard, but basic SEO is all you'll really need to show up in a few key searches.

There are hacks you can do to cheat your rank (a very short-sighted approach). There are "pay to play" ways of temporarily boosting your positioning (learn about SEM [search engine marketing]). Neither of these compare to the lasting effects of quality, optimized content.

Since this page is about your position in search engines, I won't get into how to make good content for your website. I recommend reading it if you're interested in showing up more often in Google.

Think of search engines like a collection of "main streets".

People are window shopping. There is something they want or need. They are looking for the best way to fill it. They type in their search, they get results — what do they see?

The first thing people see is your title. One small line of 76 characters or less to know if they should engage with your site.

The reason they see it is placement; location, location, location. You have to be high on the list of solutions. You have to entice your audience. You have to provide value once they get there, and you have to have a great site to do it!

There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your site: search engine optimization will help, but there is also search engine marketing, promoted content (utilizing Facebook and Twitter), getting likes and shares, syndicating content, display ads (the graphic ads you see on some websites)...

All of these will help drive traffic to your site — but what happens when they get there?

If you aren't engaging with your existing visitors, you aren't showing them the value of sticking around to take action!

I can help you create a more engaging experience to help keep visitors on your site longer! (Long enough to meet your goals.)

Contact me today to explore your options!

Good SEO Gets You To The Top Of Google

Yes, good search engine optimization will help your site rise in the ranks and get a higher placement in the index — will people click, or continue scrolling past your listing?

Being seen more in search engines isn't all about pagerank and domain authority; they also want results. People scan the search engine results page to find what they need. Just because you are number one in the page does not mean you will get them to click on your link.

Getting a good rank in Google isn't everything.

Imagine it yourself: you're walking down "How do I get on the first page of Google" boulevard. What do you see?

  • Why Being On The First Page Of Google Isn't That Important

Which result seems more reliable to you?

To rise to the top, you need title and description tags that make people want to click.

The "how do I get my site to the top of Google" mindset only works if people click and convert. SEO and getting more visitors is only one step in succeeding online. You need them to click. You need them to convert.
I can also help you be noticed, if that's what you need most.

Check out my search engine optimization services to see if raising your rank is important to you. I also offer conversion optimization and create mobile friendly websites. You can place higher on Google almost immediately if you make your site with me from the start!

Discover ways to improve your site's ranking power. Outrank competitors. Beat the competition. Get more organic web traffic and invite people to click on your site from SERPs.

You can do better on Google. You can win at search engine optimization. All you need is the right help. I'm the optimizer to help you do it.

There are several ways to improve your rank in Google.

I get a lot of traffic from people want to...

Just remember, once your site is getting a lot of visitors, you'll need most of them to stay to maintain your rank.

Help! I went down in rank and lost my position.

People fall out of Google's top spot because of many reasons.

  1. New competition takes your place.
  2. Your backlink profile weakened and you're seen less trusted.
  3. There's something wrong with your programming (i.e., web development).
  4. You've been hit with a Google penalty.
  5. You just did a major redesign/moved content around.
  6. Your server (web hosting) is slow, unresponsive, or unavailable.

Staying ahead of others in search engines is a challenge. Top SEOs are competing in many competitive industries. If yours is one, you can expect the occasional drop in rank. What is important is you continue gathering high quality leads from good content and growing your site as you can afford.