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Landing Page Creation by Casey Dwayne

Sometimes you need a website.
Sometimes you just need a really great page.

Creating a landing page is quite a bit easier than creating an entire site.

Instead of spending a lot covering a wide area, you can narrow your message down to only what is needed for the person visiting your page to take action.

Landing pages are like a miniature website.

They act the same, but they're quite a bit different.

Websites generally attempt to cover a much wider topic area than landing pages. Websites also require a much greater level of detail and programming. If you're just doing a single page, you can skip some of the more complex items.

Landing pages are still technically websites.

So they'll need to work, and require much of the same treatment.

No matter how you slice it, websites are software. The page must work, it must provide a positive user experience, and it will most likely need to be optimized (if ranking in search engines is a priority for you).

Good landing pages provide a clear picture.

The person viewing your page should feel informed and confident in taking the next step.

There's no need to oversell. Attract the right customer and demonstrate value. Provide exactly what they're looking for. There really is no magic formula: just build the right thing, then build it right!

How to create a landing page that works.

There is a special type of web page design called landing page design.

Before wasting resources on building the wrong thing, it's important to learn what a landing page is and how one page design works.

Similar to a landing style web page, there is the "Unbounce page".

Unbounce is used for specific landing pages to drive (mostly) paid traffic. The sole purpose of this landing page is conversion. It could be either a lead, a sign-up, a purchase or any other call to action.

The unbounce style web page focuses more on "hard sell" tactics, while a traditional landing page can do many things (like inform, entertain, or even just ask a question to promote open discussion).

Affordable design is easy. You can't afford a bad developer.

Designing a web page is only a smart part of creating a great online presence. If all you have is a single, one page design... it's going to have to be one great page!

Ready to get started?

You can give me a call or send a message to take the most important step in creating your web page.

I'll work with you to provide exactly what you need from your page.

When you choose me, you don't have to worry. I have

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I get it. It's a big decision.

I've built this site to hopefully answer any questions you may have about the development process.

I've been developing websites and applications for over 6 years.

I grew up with the web, witnessing the rapid advancements in the field first-hand over the better part of the last decade.

My experience in design and marketing helps me be a better developer. It allows me to create higher quality work than most developers.
It also means I understand you have a business to run: you can't spend all of your time and energy worrying about the technical stuff.
When you hire me, you don't have to worry. I'll take care of everything you need to create a great web page.

All you have to do is tell me what you want!

I offer web page design and development services to the following locations in East Tennessee:

  • Clinton
  • Farragut
  • Gatlinburg
  • Lenoir City
  • Loudon
  • Oak Ridge
  • Pigeon Forge
  • Maryville
  • Morristown
  • Sevierville
  • Townsend
  • Anderson
  • Blount
  • Cocke
  • Grainger
  • Hamblen
  • Handcock
  • Jefferson
  • Knox
  • Loudon
  • Sevier
  • Loudon