"Full Stack" Developer

Building Your Project End-To-End

Everyone wants a Rockstar developer. The truth is good devs are hard to find.

The need for content, design, marketing, and all of the things that go into a professionally-made web product make IT projects some of the most difficult to manage. That's why you need someone that can develop the entire app.

The Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are also called "end-to-end". We handle both sides of your application (the front, the back), as well as most everything in between.

A good full stack developer can direct your project to avoid mishaps and disconnects between front and back; we put everything together to form a functional project.

The front is the part you want people to see. It consists of HTML, CSS, frameworks, text, and multimedia. A front end developer can make your application "appear to work".

The back is the part you don't want people to see. It's the servers, databases, security, and data flow between routes and the end user. Back end developers handle infrastructure.

Full stack is the best of both worlds. It's a combination of a front-end developer and back-end developer. If you only need one developer, hire me. You need the full stack.

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