How It Works

The Design And Development Process

Creating A Good Website

Web design is quite a field; we're surrounded by choices when all we really want is to create a website to meets our needs.

Site builders, web design companies, marketing firms, freelancers - all competing for the same thing: to build you a website.

It's no secret you'll often get what you pay for, but if you want a great site without worrying about if you're overpaying or getting into a big mess - just hire me!

Here are the vital steps to making a good website great!

If you are looking for a more technical guide, see How it works: making a website with Casey Dwayne!
Jakob's Law:
Your visitor spends most of their time on other websites.

Step 1: Planning the experience (UX Design).

The first step of any site I create is to hammer out the details of exactly what you want. I then match that to what your visitors prefer and expect.

What this means is you will have to provide an exceptional experience to deserve their attention - at least in the mind of your visitor!

Step 2: Setting the mood (UI Design).

While user experience engineering determines structure and flow, UI design gives it a face!

User Interface designers capture the essence of the experience through visual means: the layout and design.

Part of creating positive experiences is a result of accepting that function dictates design, never the other way around.
It is for this reason that you should never hire a designer first. You need a full stack developer focused in creating sites and applications, because they know what you will need to see your vision through.

It's important to note that UI design in and of itself refers to creating the general interface. It has nothing directly to do with content or code.
Your code is handled by me to ensure quality and continuity. Content comes later.

Step 3: Shape and Form (content copywriting and design)

At this point you have a site with a purpose and a theme: two important steps to take early on, as it affects just about everything else to do with your site.

It's time to give it shape and form! The UI will be filled in with content that reflects the desired experience at all times.

Your site will be created according to the specifications set out in Step 1.
This process will vary depending on your web design package.
  1. The internal pages and linking structure will be created.
  2. Copywriting (text content) will be created according to the search engine optimization blueprints and constraints of the determined UX/UI.
  3. Graphic elements will be added to aid content in telling your story.
  4. Any extra components/features for the initial design will be developed/implemented.

You will be provided with updates regularly, as I use an agile cycle of continuous integration to reduce miscommunication and waste, giving you the chance to see updates and give feedback more often!This also reduces costs and speeds up deployment, giving you yet another advantage by choosing me for your project!

Once the home page and any other key pages are ready to debut, we can move on to Step 4!

Step 4: Prep and polish (debugging and quality assurance).

Your website is almost ready to go live!

At this point, any remaining rough edges will be refined and thoroughly tested across multiple devices and operating systems.

Each page, feature, and line of text will be examined to ensure they are free of bugs, grammatical errors, and are ready for the public to use!