Sites And Software

A lot of development occurs behind the scene – it's the planning, programming, and research that goes into websites and software. Request access to unlisted projects.

CIR Lighting

A redesign of a Wix site

The owners of CIR Lighting worked hard on their website. I redesigned the header, footer, and instituted a style guide to keep things consistent.

Orlan Analytics

A redesign of a Wix site

I created a logo, cleaned up the design, made the text more consistent, and changed the vital copy (video overlay, buttons, etc.).

CSS Monster

A logic-based style abbreviation system

The CSS Monster is a rapid prototyping tool. It uses logical classes to (in many cases) eliminate the need to enter a style sheet. It's goal is somewhat similar to other framework libraries (such as Bootstrap), but Monster focuses more on modularizing the staples of UI design for greater control and flexibility on the fly.


A quick demo of a template-based site design

A satirical website poking fun at the thousands of similar-looking websites. I mean it's a website, but BORING!


An experiment with the Wix ADI site editor

Wix released their new "AI Design" editor and I like to stay on top of what's out there. It's nice for quick sites but nothing special. You'll eventually have to switch to the standard editor for advanced things and can never switch back.


A custom website with 3rd-party API integration

EvoClutch was a planned gaming community for Evolve. It linked with Steam to provide matchmaking services for tournaments. Unfortunately, the game tanked.

Green River

A large commercial website with SEO and CMS

This was a huge site that took place over 11 months. The site was redesigned from top to bottom and had a custom content management system for owner edits.

3D Baby

A framework for fast 3D websites

3D Baby is built on top of the Babylon.js Web GL framework. It is essentially a top level API, handling requests to the BABYLON JS object. It reduces complexity while adding numerous useful features and methods.

Database Manager

An easy-to-use database management tool

The DBM is just what it sounds like - a database manager. This software works silently as an API or in full bloom as a nice GUI to make changes to the database a breeze.


A utility library to make SASS more powerful

Sassy is utility library for SASS/SCSS that adds essentially functionality. Includes a built in debugger for unit-testing custom functions.

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Knoxville Web Design

A quick landing page that will soon be re-worked

Meant to be a landing page for SEM campaigns, I need to replace the image with something brighter and re-work the content a bit. It works well for SEO, which is the only reason it's still live.

CDI Logo

A difficult logo

Created in Illustrator and adapted for 3D, this 4 color logo took significant effort due to the splines in the C and D.

Barley Town

A logo concept

Commissioned by a band that split before it's use.

Silas Jones Logo

A sleek circular logo

Made for a musician, used on branding materials such as apparel, prints, and videos.

File Manager

A user-friendly file management system

Once again, just like it sounds: it can run as a silent API or full on GUI, and it handles file operations.

Haunted Corn Maze

A promotional video sample

Created as a low-bitrate sample to encourage the sell of editing services.

Promotional Video

A short promotional video

Made to promote multimedia services.

Promotional Video

A short promotional video

Includes a custom soundtrack. Made to promote my first company when I began offered multimedia services.


A simple, flexible CSS grid system

Simple, intuitive CSS grid systems with minimal fuss.

Admin Panel

A powerful, portable site management system

The Admin Panel is a powerful, portable interface for editing websites via a GUI (Graphic User Interface). The Admin Panel can be docked for editing on the fly or as a standalone application linking to all others.

Particle Writer

An animation experiment using CSS3 clipping and JS

This was just a fun project I found based on an existing code pen. I modified the particles to match my site and the given use.

BLISS Editor

A robust WYSIWYG content management system

The BLISS Editor is a robust WYSIWYG editor built on top of the CSS Monster rapid prototyping tool. Honestly, I've more or less retired this thing for now. It's a money pit (well, labor pit), and I've added options for other popular editors as plugins.

Cultured Animal Productions

A splash page with a 3D graphic as domain placeholder

A friend wanted a web page but never went any further than purchasing a domain name. After a few months I created this splash page using 3DS Max so it wouldn't be a "nothing here" page.


An interactive slideshow presentation using impress.j

Created as a landing page to introduce my company. Linked to several Google AdWords campaigns with varying results.

CDI Marketing

A custom website (and CMS) with an interactive background

CDI Marketing is a company I ran for several years. This was the last variation of the site, featuring movement-activated clouds and a UFO/Airplane occasionally flying through.

Southern Drawl Band

A custom website with basic SEO

Created for a local band. Featured rotating reviews, a custom music player, media gallery, and more.

Creative Design Influence

An interactive website with custom graphics

A much minimalized version of my CDI site. Featured sleek and exciting animations with a focus on simplicity to improve the user experience.

Silas Jones

A small booking/music website with high interactivity

A site for a musician that used AJAX to load everything using animation and push-state (like a modern SPA). Insufficient funding to complete.

Knox Used Auto

A small website linked to an online store

A small store with local vehicals for sell. Created to help people sell their cars as a turn-key service.

Better Home Wellness

A small website with an animated background

This was a free site.

Team Green

A free concept site with copy writing and a custom graphic

Yet another free site for my mother.

Hodge Window & Siding

A free concept site with one custom banner

My father was looking for extra business and I offered this as a solution. He "didn't want his number online", so that was that.