Levels Of Optimization

SEO Tiers Explained

A fully optimized website takes a significant amount of work. Each level of optimization builds upon lower ones until reaching a comprehensive level (which includes everything).

lite Search Engine Optimization

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This level of SEO gets you listed on Google, provides information and insights that help you grow, and eliminates the chance your site will be penalized from accidentally indexing more than one version of your site's pages.

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This level of SEO includes:

  • Submitting your site to Google and other search engines. Missed entirely too often.
  • Setting up Google Analyics and Search Console for your site.Essential tools that every site needs.
  • Enforcing a single-variant of your domain.Prevents a duplicate content penalty.
Splitting the ranking power that pushes your site higher in search should always be done with intent.
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Lite SEO is considered a product and is available for a one time charge of $50.

Lite optimization is sufficient for small sites with zero competition.

basic Search Engine Optimization

Basic optimization is like a starter kit for SEO — it institutes the most essential elements you will need to start improving your power to rank for the searches that matter.

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Basic SEO includes all of the previous optimizations, plus:

  • Scanning for proper keyword density and keyphrase targeting.This makes sure you can be found for your ideal search queries.
  • Rank checking and analysis of domain authority (page rank).This assesses the trust signals your site emits to search providers like Google.
  • An outline of steps you can take to improve your position in search. As a site owner, you have the most power in making your website great!

Basic SEO not only gets you listed in search engines like Google, it also enables you to show up for the search terms that will benefit you most.

By checking your site's status on the net, you'll gain a better understanding of where your online presence stands in the grand order of things.

Finally, you'll receive valuable insights on how YOU, the site owner, can drive traffic to your site by learning a bit about SEO yourself!

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Basic SEO is available for a flat fee of $150. You have the option to implement the optimization plan yourself. Professional implementation is available at an hourly rate of $20.

Basic optimization is suitable for small sites with little competition.

Higher levels of optimization require direct access to your website.

standard Search Engine Optimization

Standard SEO covers everything you need to start competing in SEO. I call it the standard level because it's a baseline for anyone serious about SEO.

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Standard SEO includes Lite and Basic SEO, and:

  • Basic backlink building.Backlinks are strong indicators of trust to Google and other search providers.
  • On-page optimizations of keywords and keyphrases.Relevant content on a topic signals you should be ranked highly for similar searches.
  • Keyword and traffic monitoring services.This allows you to measure growth and locate additional opportunites.

If you want to be found on Google, you need search optimization. If you want to rank highly in Google, you need good optimizations. Your SEO has to be better than your competiton's SEO - the more competitive, the more you'll need. This package goes beyond the ordinary, doing (what I consider the bare minimum) just enough to zip past most of the websites out there.
You'll likely end up in the top 50 for your most important terms. Results vary by location, industry, etc.

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Standard search engine optimization is a service with a minimum investment of $500.

The package includes enough credits to optimize your main site (the shared template elements like headers/footers) and installing default optimizations for individual pages that have not been individually optimized.

If you have an existing site, there is usually enough time remaining to optimize a small website. Additional time is available at $50/hour.

If your site is new, it's enough time to create one large page or several smaller ones. Get Standard SEO and much more with my Interactive Website plan!

Standard optimization is recommended for serious sites.

advanced Search Engine Optimization

Advanced SEO provides a serious edge over the competition. Leverage best-in-class solutions to bring your website to the next level of optimization.

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Advanced SEO includes Lite, Basic, and Standard SEO; as well as:

  • Keyword research and utilization of big data.Compare intuition to the numbers for maximum effectiveness.
  • Off-site optimizations and backlink services.Relevant content on a topic signals you should be ranked highly for similar searches.
  • Incorporation of "Structured Data" for an additional boost in search.Leverage the Knowlede Graph to help computers better understand your site/content.

Advanced optimizations go above and beyond 90% of the websites out there. It may even be overkill for low competition markets unless you want to be top 10 and stay there for a long time.

If you're in a medium or larger sized market, you're going to need at least this to be in the top 10. For cut-throat markets where ranking is a top priority, you're going to need more than this. SEO has a lot of variables, but the process is the same. It's just a matter of a lot of hard work.
The more you do, the better you succeed.

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Advanced search engine optimization is a service with a minimum investment of $800.

The package includes enough credits to optimize your main site with advanced SEO tactics that boost your ranking beyond the competition.

It also includes off-site optimizations that build your pagerank and make you more visible across the net. It can be boosted even higher through syndication, but that's beyond the scope of this write-up.

Additional time may be purchased at a rate of $80/hour. The price covers a lot of work that is vital for pushing your site to higher levels. The work done here has a serious pay-out in terms of traffic gained organically. It pays for itself in time — as long as your site can convert (or otherwise make profit) in the first place!

Advanced optimization is essential for markets with aggressive competition.

comprehensive Search Engine Optimization

Comprehensive SEO is the best you can get; it includes every sensible step you can take to drive organic traffic to your website.

Learn why this level of SEO is the best you can get – anywhere.

Comprehensive search engine optimization is the maximum level possible. It includes everything in the lower levels plus:

  • Analysis and comparison of strongest competing SEO.It isn't cheating if you want to beat them.
  • Advanced traffic building techniques.If I told you the secrets, you'd have to go for a long train ride...
  • Comprehensive coverage of all vital SEO and trust building activities.Every avenue to push power to your site through SEO will be taken.

It spares no expense, cuts no corner, and does absolutely everything to get every last drop of ranking power your site can produce.

It's also a boatload of work. Clawing your way to the top spot is rarely easy, but this package can get you there with enough hard work.

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Comprehensive search engine optimization requires a minimum investment of $1,200.

One reason for the high minimum is a lot of the investment deals with research (and tightly controlled development secrets — the kind you won't find in articles or most books on the subject).

Another reason is I want you to see a return on your investment sooner rather than later. It's a good chunk of change for a great deal of work.

Comprehensive optimization is a must for competing in the highest levels.

If you want to compete in search, you need SEO.

How much depends on you, your needs, and the optimizations performed by your competition on their sites.