How Much Does SEO Cost?

Understanding What SEO Adds To Your Website

Optimizing a website takes time. The cost to optimize your site depends on your level of optimization and the amount of content that needs optimized.

The Costs Of SEO: Explained

websites are essentially broken down into 2 distinct parts: site and content.

Site Optimizations v.s. Content Optimizations

The site portion includes things like your domain, shared elements (such as the header, menu, and footer), and microdata (computer-only information that gives you special features in search providers like Google). I won't get into technical details, but all of these things weigh heavily on your site's ability to rank and bring in a higher number of people from search.

The content portion generally constitutes a much larger portion of your website. If you have more than 10 pages (or the pages you have are very large), the optimizations to your content will begin to surpass the cost of optimizations to your "site" portion.

You will often hear the content portion referred to as "On-page Optimizations" — I've always felt this term was overly confusing to newcomers. It's much easier to think about your site as two separate parts than it is to break down every minutiae of websites and search optimization with it's own label.

Costs Of Optimizations : The Costs for Optimizing Your Website

Each new site has it's own set of SEO "TODOs" to get out of the way early on in the process. Some are simple, some complex, and you do not have to do them all: just do what's right for you!

That's why I offer Lite and Basic search engine optimization for next to nothing: you need them.

The Lite SEO package gets you listed on search engines like Google as quickly as possible. You will soon start to collect useful data that can be converted into insights about your market and customers.

The Basic SEO package ensures you are following the most direct path to gaining higher quality site traffic and helping yourself reach your goals in the SERPs.

Higher end optimizations may be overkill depending on the nature of your site. For markets and niches with a lot of competition, it will almost certainly take a higher level. More than anything, the amount of site optmizations you need depend on what it will take to beat your competition! If they have a nice website and SEO, you'll need a nice website and better SEO.

We can get into these higher level search engine optimization techniques after your site is collecting data and showing solid potential for returning your investment.

Costs Of Optimizations : The Costs for Optimizing Your Content

Content is important: not only is content king of SEO castle, it's also what your visitors come to see! No one actually cares about your site as long as they can find it, use it, and it works. They come for what's inside. Information, entertainment, and a great experience.

SEO and content are almost hand-in-hand. If you do not have good content, people will bail on your site. Google sees this, disapproves, and lowers your position in future searches. On the other hand, if your content is optimized for both search bots and your end-user (the humans that interact with your site), Google rewards you with even more traffic and a better rank! Doing well online isn't that much of a mystery, it's really just a lot of hard work.

So How Much Does Search Optimization Cost?!

I've provided a pricing chart below to illustrate what your investment into SEO services is likely to cost. Consider these points:

3 Quick Notes About Optimizations
  1. You do not have to optimize every single page.
  2. Existing SEO may significantly reduce the cost of optimizations.
  3. Good SEO will pay off as long as your site currently converts.

You can optimize your site to give your domain more ranking power (a.k.a. "Domain Authority"), then only optimize the key pages like the home page and important landing pages.

Pricing is broken down into 2 parts: Base and Content.

Base Price
The base price is a one-time investment into your SEO.
It covers the work required to perform SEO at a given level.
What is included? What if I have some SEO already in place?

This base work covers important site & domain related tasks like keyword research, backlink building, and setting up monitoring tools so you may track your progress. If you do not currently have proper SEO already established, the full base will be required at the start.

If your site currently meets the base requirements for SEO at your level of optimization, a portion of the base cost may be refunded to you (pro rata).

Content Price
The cost of on-page optimizations always depend on the content.
For example, a 300 word page requires significantly less work than a 1,200.

My SEO prices for performing content optimizations start at the Standard level.
For the purpose of this pricing guide, I will price the different levels in blocks of 250 words.

SEO: Average Costs Of Optimizing Content

Note: Prices listed are estimates for new pages.


Additional Pricing Charts Are Coming Soon!

Creating a new website?

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Have existing SEO?

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Have a site with little to no SEO?

If your budget for SEO is less than $500, I recommend going with the Basic level of optimization.
It covers the most essential elements of SEO, allowing you to do some of the optimizations yourself or hire others to follow the optimization plan.

If you are trying to break into a competitive online market-space, you will need to do better than your competition.
This typically requires a higher level of professionally administered SEO. The results pay for themselves over time.

SEO: Average Costs Of Optimizing Everything On Your Site

I can't provide an exact price without learning about your website!

Here are some ideas of what SEO services for a new website may cost.

  1. Small Website:
    3 pages of content. 500 words each. Standard level optimizations.
    Estimated Cost of Total (Site & Content) Optimizations: $710