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Ensuring Success

Hiring the right consultant helps you avoid costly mistakes. Find out what it will take to turn your project into reality while avoiding scams, shams, and worthless excuses.

 Unwritten Rule #38

Everything Has It's Price

The more dynamic your application is (the more moving parts it has), the more resources will take to make it complete.

There are existing solutions that may fit your needs, but even when they are free, these solutions may take a specialized set of skills to put into (and keep in) operation. Free rarely mean free when it comes to development. Even filling in the blanks takes time. At the end of the day it all has to work together. Piles of "free" solutions can start start to look like a patch coat, and often become more expensive to maintain than writing a custom software solution.

Discover What Your Project Will Really Cost

There is no silver bullet, but there are smart options that depend on the exact nature of your project. I can help you save time and money by reducing waste and recommending the best options available.

You have questions. I have answers.

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These are just a few important details/questions you should know before starting your web design / web software development project:

What should I know before hiring developers?

A clear idea of what you want will help your project succeed.

Take a little time to brainstorm and make a list of what your project needs to be successful.

Each web / software project is different, but having a clear definition of these 3 things will give you a better place to start.

  1. Determine realistic goals.
  2. Define exact expectations.
  3. Develop a budget that fits.

Developing an accurate budget is nearly impossible without a strong knowledge of the work involved. The prices you'll find around the web are often misleading, masking the true costs until further into development.

Don't wait until you're in too deep! Good consultants have no need to be bias. The goal is to make sure you are happy with your project when the work is all done. I can guide you to the solutions that will work out the best for you. If you like, I can help ensure your project stays on the right track all the way through development.

Do I need a custom solution?

There are many existing solutions that can save you a lot money.

The problem is, some of them will cost you more money than building something custom. (Yes, even the free ones.)

Knowing whether you need custom software or an existing solution is easier to answer once I know your goals and expectations. Chances are there is at least one existing solution to the problem you need solved. I can tell you the pros/cons involved.

For a "one-off" production of something that has already been done, consult with someone that is well aware of the solutions available.

If you're going to need regular changes with a high degree of control, a custom solution may work out better for you in the long run.

What kind of developer should I hire?

A really good one and at least one full stack.

Software development is a highly involved process. It's complicated, complex, and needs clear architectural and design constraints from the very beginning.

If you're building a small web application like a site for a small business that doesn't need a large eCommerce system, you may be able to get by with 3, 2, or even just 1 talented developer!

If you're building an intricate, performance intensive application like a social network or a hospital administration interface - you're going to need a team (and a diverse one at that).

How much does a web consultant cost?

A web consultant costs less than sunken investments.

The actual cost varies from project to project, but the cost for full service consulting is usually less than 15% of the overall project. If you only want an initial consult, it's even less.

You'll often see that investment returned with interest thanks to the time and money I'll help you save during development.

Unless you are well versed in web sites and software applications, hiring a consultant is easily the strongest advantage you can give to your project's future.

Do I even need a web consultant?

    Your project
  • will cost over $3000
  • will be viewed by thousands of people
  • needs to be secure
  • needs to be fast, reliable, and effective

If your project matches any of these, the answer is Yes
You should definitely hire a web consultant.

If your project is less than $3000 you may be able to do a few days of research to find out what you need. Risking any amount over that is playing with fire.
If your project matches any of the others (but not the budget), you should carefully consider your goals and expectations. Some budgets are simply unrealistic.

Where does web design fit into this?

Design is easy. You pick a style you like and run with it.

It's incredibly easy to build a template site, or use a site builder like Wix or Shopify - the issue is building something that actually accomplishes what you set out for it to do.

It's easy to get caught up on the cover, because that's all that most people see. Unfortunately, it does not matter how great something looks if it fails to deliver the results you built it for.

Consulting helps you bridge the gap between appearances and sustenance. Sizzle and steak. Of course a steak needs to sizzle, but you have to have the steak first. The same is true for design (presentation) and development (the meat).

A web consultant keeps your project on track by helping you organize and maintain quality.

You save money, avoid hassle, and enjoy a much smoother process.