Building Your Site With SquareSpace

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SquareSpace is the only WYSIWYG site builder I recommend.

Most of these "build your site yourself" editors are terrible. You won't know until you've spent dozens of hours attempting to make your site. By then most site owners feel like the best option is to keep going — after all, millions of others make their own website... you just need to learn how!

It's a lie.  "It's easy to build your own site." What a dirty, rotten, bold-faced lie.

Unlike Wix, GoDaddy, and the dozens of other so called "do it yourself" website creators, SquareSpace actually does a decent job of helping you create a website that looks almost as good as a professional would do.

You'll still need great copy, compelling graphics, and an overall consistent online presence, but the tools are there to build a decent site.

SquareSpace has a lot to offer (but it isn't free).

I actually enjoyed the process in SquareSpace. It isn't perfect, but it's leaps and bounds over the other online site builders I've reviewed.

SquareSpace site plans range from $144 to $552 per year. This includes access to your site, the site builder & select features, and your domain. You will still have to build and maintain your site yourself.

SquareSpace Pricing

Graphics will cost more, as will select features that are only available in "Commerce Plans" (like viewing your traffic sources).

You can try it for free. If you have trouble (or feel your site is better off in the hands of professionals), return to and we can discuss your options.

Need help building your site with SquareSpace?

I'm happy to help with your SquareSpace website. There are a lot of options, and that isn't always a good thing:

I can make your design more compelling and give everything the polished, professional. I can set up your SEO if you haven't already, and help you organize your products and services in a way that entices your customers. I can do quite a lot (within the SquareSpace CMS).

If you really, honestly need a way to edit your own content, SquareSpace is one way to go. Another is using a custom CMS crafted just for you!

If you really just need a great website, consider having a professional create your very own from scratch. Custom websites begin at $600, and there are many options to choose from that are not available with the SquareSpace editor (or any visual site building software).

Use the best site creation method for your purpose.

If you need a lighter design, less options, and a cheap way to edit your own site, SquareSpace is a great choice for you!

It's probably the best.

Professionally designed SquareSpace websites start at $199, with additional time available for the low, low rate of $40 an hour.