Building Your Website With The WIX Site Builder


"You need a website - Why not build it yourself?"

It's no surprise Wix is the #1 site builder - they advertise, a lot. This popular Wix slogan has lured many site owners to their platform, for better or worse. There are times when a Wix site is the way to go, but you should understand your options before starting to build.

Limited design choices in Wix

Even though Wix seems like a low cost option, it will cost you more than you know. I'll share what I've discovered about the Wix site creation software - the good, the bad, the ugly.

How good is the Wix site builder?

First, it's important to understand site builders like Wix are severely limited in what is possible within them. There is no site creator on the market can compare to a professionally developed website (the closest I've found is SquareSpace).

Limited design choices in Wix

You will have to accept you can only do basic things in site creation software. Advanced website features like conversion tracking, 3rd party API integration, and interactive (custom) components will not be possible.

If this is your first website and you want to be able to make extensive changes to your website yourself, a Wix site may be a viable option.

There are many reasons you shouldn't build your site yourself.

That said, it isn't terrible. If you just have a simple information site that can be handled in a single page - or you want to experiment with making changes to your site yourself, it can be "okay". All it costs is time, frustration results, and ~$150 per year.

I strongly recommend SquareSpace and hiring professionals.
Things you should know about Wix.
  1. The design options are very limited. There are few pre-made design elements included, and it's extremely difficult to make significant changes or create your own.
  2. The themes do not work well on all screen sizes.The Wix editor only caters to the most popular devices. Some visitors will experience your site as "broken" website.
  3. Even connecting to free services will cost extra.I really dislike nickle and dime schemes. Google Analytics is an industry standard. A lot of useful things are out of reach here.
  4. Wix sites have problems with SEO. Even if you follow EVERY STEP in their "SEO wizard", your may not be listed/ranking at all. [LINK WIX SEO PROBLEMS]
  5. You'll be paying forever.Long after your site is built, you will still be paying this monthly fee. It's cheaper to use professionals in the long run.


There are 2 flavors of the Wix site builder: the Wix Editor and Wix "ADI".

The Wix "Artificial Design Intelligence".

The ADI is the newer of the two. If computers aren't your thing, this is definitely the one you want if making your Wix site yourself. This version uses component based design, allowing you to make visual changes a little easier than the standard editor.

Unforunately, it is limited. For instance, you cannot add any your own code to it at all in this mode (even something as simple as a copy-pasted one line verification code, such as this Google verification code.

[ meta tag ]
Read more about the Wix ADI
The Wix Editor

The Wix Editor is the original version of their site builder. Not much has changed in the last few years, presumably to focus their efforts on the Wix ADI. Even so, it does allow for a bit more freedom with your design.

One glaring problem with the standard Wix Editor is it does not very responsive (able to look great on all devices). Another is you will spend a lot of time trying to position elements and fight pixels into place. It's not a very easy way to build a website.

One benefit to the standard editor is you can add important tags like the ones you'll need to verify your site with search engines - unfortunately, you'll have to pay them more to connect your site with free monitoring tools like Google Analytics.
Read more about the Wix Editor
Either way, you should hire a professional.

I can create your site in Wix - or nearly any site software - but it's better to just hire a developer.

If your project is small and low budget, Wix (or SquareSpace) can be better in the beginning. If you need something more complicated (a business or interactive site), you should leave it to professionals.

Still want to edit your own content?

There is another option you may not have considered!

You can have your cake and eat it too — create a custom website with a custom content management system! Instead of fooling around with a bunch of options that are just in the way of what you want to do, why not sign off on an editor that's built just for you!

If your budget is over 1,000 dollars, you can get your very own site builder software tailored specifically to you! No more fooling around or struggling with editing programs - make only the changes you mean to make with a one-of-a-kind editor crafted by yours truly.

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