Talents & Abilities

I'm a full stack developer with experience in design and multimedia.
My goal is to create positive user experiences by way of data and research.

Design, programming, and music are my primary focuses.

Education in marketing and business admin.

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Jack of all trades, master of none?

Nah, I just like what I like!

The creative skills of talented web developer Casey Dwayne.

I started out in marketing to provide digital multimedia design to small businesses and medium sized companies.

Building a website for a small business is no trivial matter: it requires a lot of the same technology as large sites do!

Web design (sometimes called "webdesign", by newcomers), is a highly technical process that involves thousands of lines of code to be able to provide users with a working website.

How to find the right web developer.

An important part of building a website is how you start:

Sure, you could build your own website. There are plenty of free website options out there, but one question to ask is"should I build my own website or hire someone".

Hire a web dev you can trust and your site will be up and running in no time!

Try to build a web site yourself and it may never be how you want it.

How to build a website

Websites are complicated. It takes designers, programmers, and marketers to form the complete package.

Affordable web design services are everywhere, but an affordable website should not be your primary concern.

Developers do not have to use the best web design software for web development out there, but it helps.

Your web developer should be knowledgeable about software development and developing software applications.

Software designer Casey Dwayne knows how to bring an idea into reality, and all cycles of software development (often called the "life cycle of software development", or sometimes just "SDLC" for software development life cycle.

Agile development is something you will hear a lot these days. Scrum, Kanban, these are just a couple of the ways software developers are becomming more organized to provide a better application to clients for less!

It's important to remember that web software development changes quite frequently (every 2 years, at the current rate).

Popular frameworks, libraries, and webdev tools like React, Angular, Express, Node, MongoDB, and more have altered the landscape in such a way that website development and application programming will never be the same.

A web design company (web firm, design firm, etc.) may be a good fit for some, but others may prefer to have a more intimate relationship with their web developer.

Web design isn't something that you do once and forget about. Having a popular website that ranks highly in Google and other search engines is an art. Your website needs to look good. Your web software and applications have to be the best that they can, to attract and retain customers through a great user experience!

Avoid outsourcing your web design to India or hiring overseas.

Hire an American freelance web designer that will design your website with care.

Learn more about full stack web developer and site designer Casey Dwayneand how you can build a site that always works for you!

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