Software Developer

Casey Dwayne

Software Is Complicated

Wasting resources on inexperienced developers results in more than lost time and capital: it harms your goals, and potentially, your company.

Poor development practices will cost you. The consequences spread far beyond the here and now, requiring more and more resources as problems acclimate into a never-ending pile of TODOs and IOUs.

It's throwing good money after bad, because unless you start the project the right way (in a way that allows you to scale and adapt without major overhauls), you're digging yourself deeper and deeper into a serious financial pit.

Hire With Confidence

I deliver applications as modern as the technology allows. Staying on top of the rapid changes in web and software development is tedious. Many developers choose to specialize in one specific technology, which is great for projects with that specific need.

The problem is most software does not run on only one technology. Even websites require a minimum of 2 languages just to run, 3 to be interactive, 4 to be dynamic, and dozens more if you want to compete with the big boys. It's intense.

When you hire me , you do not have to worry about a thing in your software. I follow best practices, working diligently to ensure everything is polished and tested so there are no surprises upon launch.

Things you should know about developing software.

Software development isn't all about writing code.

Simple problems can have simple solutions. Most software is created to solve multiple problems, making it significantly more complex. Programming and systems architecture are about as far apart as a mechanic and the engineers that create the machines.

How will I know a good developer when I see one?

  1. Well-versed in multiple languages, frameworks, and libraries.
  2. Experience with multiple methodologies and development cycles.
  3. Familiarity with the business and design constraints of software projects.

There is a talent gap. It is very real, and very dangerous.

While much of software development is act of physically creating an application, the sheer volume of things a good software developer should know is staggering. Add in multiple technologies and the sophistication required by most modern standards; the gap between developers becomes monumental.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to go out on my own is that this chasm of lost productivity and potential limiting behavior is not limited to developers: entire companies have fallen behind. Some are even choosing to ignore the problem all together.

Pillaging ahead with poor craftstmanship at the cost of the very people they were hired to help is no way to do business.Not in this developers opinion, anyway.

What do you really need solved?

A software developer is just a facilitator for solving a problem using code. Defining exactly what it is you need from your application will greatly reduce any potential mishaps between your idea and the final product. If you tell us what you need built, we'll build it.

It's better to tell us what you need solved. Doing this allows us to guide you to solutions you may not have even known existed. Good developers care about accurately addressing the reasons you're looking for a developer in the first place!