User Experience (UX)

The Scientific Way To Improve Your Website

Improving the user experience is a great way to make your site better.

UX helps you increase conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, reduce bounce rates, find leaks in your sales funnel, identify low-performing areas, highlight important information, and make your site more user-friendly.

What Is User Experience?

User Experience is the associated thoughts and feelings generated by interaction with a product or service.

Everything the user interacts with (from the moment they land to the moment they leave) is what ultimately creates the "user experience".

Words like "good", "bad", and "okay" are more than descriptive terms they are actual memories that we fuse to our experience with a given good or service.

These facts and emotions heavily influence decisions and actions.

What Is UX?

UX is the scientific method of improving your website.

UX is the practical application of interaction design (how different people interact with different designs.. well, differently). It works by monitoring and measuring user behavior (or "positive user experiences") to increase user satisfaction.

Happy users are more likely to stick around, explore, and make favorable decisions.

UX uses data-driven development to scientifically assess how well your site performs in key areas.

UX design and engineering are the services that help you add value to your website.

How Can You "Design" An Experience?

By eliminating confusion and providing more incentive.

User Experience ( UX )design goes beyond simply creating a design — it centers around the needs of your audience (the people your website is attempting to satisfy).

Designing a good user experience starts with empathy for the end user.

Historical data, feedback, and human psychology are 3 key players UX design. The goal is to craft an experience that will provide the most benefit.

These assumptions can later be objectively measured by monitoring site traffic.

Want to see the list of things websites should do?

There are certain things that are no-brainers.

  1. The code should work (your site should never "break" or fail to work as intended).
  2. The site should look professional.
  3. Your offer (value) should be instantly apparent.

What Does It Mean To "Engineer" User Experiences?

UX engineering uses data collected over time to progressively enhance your website.

One of the great things about digital marketing is that everything can be measured: the time on a page, what areas receive the most attention, even the way your eyes move across the page!

Engineering user experiences is about making sure your users never have to want, worry, or wander.

If you have a website, user experience is an ongoing expense.

It costs you every time a person visits your website — the real question is how muchis it costing you?

UX Design and Engineering Services

I offer UX Design Services for $25/hour.
Wireframe mockups and documented flow.

User Experience Engineering is a premium feature built into my advanced monitoring services.

This complementary service may be purchased separately.