Multimedia and Web Design

Quite possibly the best way to make a website.
Full Disclosure: It's my favorite style of web design.

What is a multimedia website?

Example of Multimedia design style.
Example of a multimedia developer's website.

Multimedia web design is one of the 5 main styles of graphic design used when creating websites. It uses a wide variety of images and audio-visual effects like video and motion graphics to bring designs to life.Multimedia design is often meant to be a proxy of the real world, using 2D and/or 3D assets to provide useful media.

Multimedia design allows for a much higher level of interaction because it's less restrictive than other forms of design. You may use static, animated, and dynamic assets in your design. There's a limitless world of possibilities with mulimedia design!

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As far as your website goes, you're covered.

I can implement all of the media assets you'll need, including the complex interactions like animated timelines and fancy effects. This works great for "digital storytelling" - a fantastic way to demonstrate ideas and improve your user experience.

You'll probably want one of my premium web development plans in order to make your site as great as your content! If you're working with a limited budget, you may want to consider a custom website and keeping new multimedia projects to just the essentials.

multimedia websites & web design

I work with a variety of artists and designers!

You can use my network of talented professionals to guide your project to success. I have artists that do hand-drawn and digital graphics (photoshop, vector, 3D). I have specialists in motion graphics and cinematography to create world-class video that draws attention and excites. Designers, copywriters, and multimedia experts at your disposal - with a webmaster that can utilize the full value of their work!