Custom Web Design

Customize Your Website

Custom packages are a great "middle of the road" option for those building their first site or wanting to redesign their current experience.

Each package comes with everything you'll need to get started (including your custom-designed template or "theme").

Custom packages include enough design and development services to create a fully functional, customized website (and at least 1 page of content).

Additional content and features may be created using the editor of your choice (CMS), or by purchasing additional time for design and development.

Custom Website Cost

The final cost of your custom website will depend on what you want out of your site.

I will always try to do the most important tasks first to make the best use of your budget. If you only need a one page design, any of these packages will work for you at their base price.

A word about WordPress

WordPress sites are popular, but that does not mean they are the best way to go. WordPress is clunky, widely targeted by hackers, and really quite messy underneath. It will always be an uphill battle to make things exactly how you like — the trade-off is you can do a lot without having to pay for professional design & development every time you wish to add content.

How much does a custom website cost?

The thing about custom websites is they often require more development time than template sites. You get a significant amount of control over your site, but it also means that most of the work involved will be custom-fabricated to fit you.

Honestly, most custom sites (without a CMS) will run around $1,200 to $2,500 over the course of a year. After everything is made to perfection and the site generates income, the costs drops off dramatically (a few hundred dollars per year, in many cases less).

It's always worth it if you're business is profitable. You may want to start small if your track record is unproven.

A Quick Word About Content Management Systems

Personally, I think your site is better off with professionally created content. Doing it yourself is quite challenging, in any editor, because there's a mountain of knowledge standing between creating a website and building something that works.

If editing your site is really something you want, it's important to consider why.

If you just need to change minor things or add new information to existing elements, consider the custom CMS option in lieu of a heavy CMS like WordPress or a restrictive site builder like Wix.

Casey Dwayne is not responsible for edits made, content published, or damage caused through the use of content management systems.