Custom Website with CMS

Made To Fit You

Ever attempt to build your own website? Then you already know this painful truth.

Most Site Editors... Suck.

You're either limited or overwhelmed. You're constantly trying to either make it work or to make it look good. You're spending your time fighting some stupid piece of software, wasting time and energy that could be better spent running your business.

A custom content management system sets you free!

No more struggling to make changes to your site — make changes on the fly and edit only what you intended. My custom site builder software is hand-crafted to provide an elegant, precise method of changing your content and adding new information.

There are many benefits to using my custom CMS.

  1. Make changes without worrying about breaking your site.
  2. Get exactly what you need - as simple or advanced as you want it!
  3. Save money by developing content yourself.

Best Site Editing Tool

Content management systems can be simple. Although there are no real choices when it comes to making your website, the way to edit site content can be!

I create custom content management systems that allow you to go as simple (or as complex) as you want it to be! Add new features when you need them. Refine the admin panel (site administration area) to fit your precise needs!

These "one-size-fits-all" site builders are laughably bad... they promise solutions but instead cause you more pain and suffering than you had intended. It isn't hard to make a website — it's hard to make a good website.

Learning how to use bulky site editing tools makes building your website more difficult; my custom site editor allows you to only update what you need!

Save money and have an easier way to update your website by using a custom CMS.

Site Builders vs Professional Design

One reason people flock to companies like Wix and other "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) site builders is because they're promised making a website will be easy. It's not. They find out otherwise after investing a sizeable amount of their time working with their website, struggling without end to get things looking right.

If you want to look professional, hire professionals! My custom content management system allows you to enjoy both a professioanlly made site AND a way to make changes while still looking fantastic.

You can make changes without having to call your developer at 2AM on a Saturday night to say "Help! I broke my site!".

If you do not need regular changes, I often advise clients to just skip the CMS all together. It's cheaper and easier for me to make the changes than it is to place you into a CMS of any kind.

You get what you pay for, and these so called "site builders" do not deliver.

Edit your own content easily? Sure! Just use one of these 5 templates, learn visual design, change all of the content yourself and oh, yeah, we forgot to mention our system sucks for SEO.
How easy is it to make changes to my website?

I made the back-end for my custom CMS long ago when I needed to provide my clients a way to edit their websites without me (I wanted to focus on software development).

What I came up with was quite a simple system. My clients love how it does whatever they need (and nothing they did not indent).

If you can write an email or create accounts on websites, you can use my content management system. It's that simple.

Each content management system uses secure code to communicate between your browser and your server (the thing you use to look at web pages and the thing that serves pages to your browser). I customized the front-end (the parts you see) to meet your specifications (or the ones I think you'll need most if you leave the design to me).

Making changes to your site will be a breeze — I'm not trying to please everyone — I'm trying to please you.

Contact me today to create your custom content management system.
Custom Website with CMS begins at $1,250.