Starter Website Deals

Great For Small Websites

Need A Low-Cost Option?

Starter deals are great for small budgets! You get a professionally developed one-page website, a domain, hosting, and custom email addresses - all for one low price. That's everything you need for your first professional website!

Starter sites aren't for everyone - if you need a larger site with a lot of great content, you can save more by starting with a higher package.

Starter websites are more limited than their custom and premium counterparts, but they also get you online faster for less.

Starter sites are not eligible for content management systems or premium services.

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These web design packages are starter sites with a one-page design. The design/development services included with the base package are enough to build a great "mini-site" of sorts (or landing page, if you prefer).

Additional credits and design/development services may be purchased, but these sites do not use my custom software and are therefor not eligible for select services.

Web Design I Can Afford

Your budget may be tight, but your site can still be good! You don't have to settle for crappy fly-by-night designs or hiring freelancers from India for $12 an hour. You can afford a nice little site by using one of my website starter packages.

Your first site doesn't have to be the best on the net - it just has to work. I like to provide returns on your investment, and the sooner, the better.

It's definitely harder to do with small sites (for example, standard search engine optimization costs more than any of these basic site design packages. You can still make money from a cheap site if you do it right!

Hiring designers and developers based on the lowest rates is a dangerous choice. You could end up with nothing, which will cost you even more if you want to try again. Even worse, you may get discouraged from building your site all together and miss out on the world of opportunities a well designed slot on the web can introduce to you. Don't get taken advantage of - hire me, start small, and build as you go!

Creating a Great Landing Page

Landing pages are potential goldmines. They're set up to do one thing and one thing only (usually, it's SELL).

These highly optimized little cash machines are wonderful for selling products (and even some services). They get the point across, are brief enough to hold their attention, and are specially formulated to persuade the person on the other end to take action.

Landing pages are good, but they aren't magic potions — if you need to do more than a single page can provide, you need an actual website.

Once you have a website, you can build all of the landing pages you want and house them under one roof (to keep from having to re-do your SEO efforts on each additional site). They're also capable of being stand-alone websites, though this is really only recommended for select businesses and interests.

Should I Use A Template?

Templates can provide a better design in a lot less time. The trade-off is you sacrifice originality, design options, and how easy the site is to maintain [not a big deal if you can get by with one decently sized page].

If your site needs to be changed often, consider a custom template inside of a custom website. If you want to be able to make changes yourself, you can do it inside of a Content Management System (CMS).

I highly recommend you use only professionally-made assets on your site. You may be able to do some of it yourself, but you will come out ahead by leaving it to experienced developers, designers, copywriters, etcetera.

You can still have your site made using a framework library like Bootstrap. There's nothing wrong with leaning on proven design elements, but there's also a lot of restrictions when building within an existing system. You may be able to edit the raw HTML to tweak text to your liking. Anything else gets a bit complicated... make a backup before saving over the original!