Template Site

Fast, Affordable Web Design

Ah, the template site. This is what most small websites are built around. Someone, somewhere develops a theme (likely giving it away for "free" or an unbelievably low price). The result is thousands of websites that all look the same.

Templates have their uses.

There are perks; some template sites are fairly nice, with a lot of prefabricated parts (some of which even cross-browser tested to prevent looking horrible on odd/non-standard devices). These are no silver bullet (no matter what their sales material says). They still take work, and sometimes more than just building from scratch. They can also, sometimes, provide a site you can live with for substantially less than a custom creation.

Example of a Template Website

Template Website Example
(created as a joke)

Value originality? A template isn't for you.

It's quick and dirty, easy for even novice developers to poke around in and eventually get something halfway decent.

Personally, I think they make the web boring! Even so, they serve a purpose, and I offer them.

The starting price of this package is typically enough to complete the entire template with information and images customized to you.

A quick note about template sites.

You can't do much to a template based website besides change what's already there. Most templates are a mess internally, built to sell with no regard for maintainability. If you need a quick solution and know of a theme you like, this package can work for you. If you cannot find a theme that contains everything you want, you will come out ahead financially by building a custom website rather than trying to heavily modify an existing solution.