Creating Your Website With A Site Creator


Answer these important questions before investing in something that does not work.

Want to create a good website?

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Before investing in your website, it's important to get a good idea of what it will take for you to make a website that actually meets your purpose.

On the surface, there seems to be an overwhelming number of choices in the ways you can build a website. The reality of it is there are only 3 ways to build a site.

I'll help you clear up some of the misconceptions marketers have masked over creating websites so you can avoid senslessly wasting your time and resources by investing in something that does not work.

Why are you making this site?

One of the most important things to remain aware of is why you are creating a website in the first place. Is it to attract customers to your offer? Sell products and services? Tell the world about a serious issue facing society?
Keeping this at the forefront of your development process will keep things on point. Create only what you need to succeed.

There are things to do before building a website. If you're paying others to build your site for you, there are things you should know about web design. If you're opting for a "free" solution, it would benefit you to learn about the web design and development process to get a glimpse of the miles you'll have to travel to arrive at your destination website.

Once you have clearly defined your purpose and set realistic goals, it's time to decide how you will build your website.

There Are 3 Ways You Can Make A Website

No matter the label, websites are made using these 3 solutions.

  1. Learn web design and development.

    Discover what really goes into making a website.
    Websites rely on graphic and UI design to make them look good. They require programming and back-end services to make them actually work. Follow the link above to learn what it takes to make a website.
  2. Create it yourself with a visual editor.

    Discover pros and cons with using site builders.
    When creating your website with a CMS, WYSIWYG editor, or "site builder" software, you free yourself from learning programming or hiring professionals. Follow the link above to learn what they don't tell you about site builders.
  3. Hire someone else to make it for you.

    Discover the truth about hiring professionals.
    In a perfect world, you get what you pay for. In the real world, you pay for what you get.
    Follow the link above to discover what you'll gain by hiring me.

There are no shortcuts to a great website. For that, you'll have to go beyond web design.

You can build a decent site fairly easily. You can build a good site with a bit of hard work. To build a great website, you need the expertise of pros.
Creating your own content, marketing your site, and keeping everything working as it should is a full time job on its own.

Unless you're getting into this to work in web design, you can find much better uses for your time.

There is no substitute for a professionally crafted web site.

You'll need a diverse set of specialized skills to create a site capable of generating results. It takes years to learn what you'll need to be able to build sites the native way (using code - the thing that makes every part of your websites possible) with precision.

Why wait until you've spent countless hours fighting pixels or wasted thousands on hacks?

I handle programming, UX, and SEO. I have a network of talented artists, designers, copywriters, and motion graphics experts to handle the rest. You can go cheap, you can go for free, or you can have a site that attracts and converts.

Choose well, my friends.

Ways To Create A Website

This guide to web design covers all of the ways you can make a website. Building a website isn't enough: you'll have to create a great experience to compete in Today's crowded marketplace. Discover how to build a website using the 3 different methods of site creation.

Site Creation Software V.S. Raw Code and Design

You may be wondering "should I hire professionals to build my website"? The answer is probably yes. You already knew the answer, but you want to know "how hard is it to build a website myself?".

The truth is, creating a good website is difficult. Creating a great website is even harder (even for professionals). Unless you want to risk your results and keep piling on problems with your website (that someone will have to fix, unless you give up all together), you should 100% hire professional web designers and programmers (web developers) to create your site for you.

Help Creating Website

When you need help with your website, you are going to have to shop for the right designer and/or developer to help you make the changes to your existing site. It's better to maintain your site and professional relationship with the person that built your site — unless that relationship/service is causing more harm than good.

Read about reviews of different site builders, what goes into making a website, and other site creator methods.

Options when building a website.

Your options are vast, but try to remember the real reason you are creating your website in the first place. Site creators are only a viable option for small sites or those on limited budgets. If you want a free website, you'll have to do the work yourself. That costs more than time and money: it costs you opportunity, credibility, and quite possibly, your sanity as well.

Learn how web design works, how to create a website, and the "what's best way to build my site".

What's a low cost way to create a website?

Site creators are a "low cost" way to create websites. Cost being relative to how much your time is worth. If you make more than $30 per hour, you are far better off not using website building software — professional design will pay for itself almost immediately.

Another low cost way to make your website is to just build a small one. Skip clunky content management systems, overpriced web companies, and build a lean, mean, goal-reaching machine!

Limiting your design to only what needs to exist in order for your site (and business) to succeed online is a great way to save money and cut costs while developing your website.

Where can I find good professionals (web designers, webmaster, copy writers, content creators, graphic specialists, etc.)?

Good help is hard to find: use my network of talented web professionals to assist you in creating your site the way you want it to be!

Instead of struggling, constantly fighting to make your site look how you want it to look, just tap into my team of experts! They're specialists, like me, so they do a better job because that's all they do!

You will receive a better quality product, for less money, by using the right people for your site and content.

Best of luck creating your site! If you're interested, I offer search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), user experience design and engineering (UX), as well as search engine marketing (SEM) and other select forms of marketing and promoting your website.

Firms waste money. Most freelancers are a risk. Hire a professional web developer - once - do your project right and be done with it. Fast. Simple. Easy. Quality. Affordable. That's me!