Performance Programming

Why Development Matters More Than Design

The Web Runs On Code

All of the design in the world will fail to make your site work properly. Hiring the right developer ensures your project can accomplish your goals.

Your Website Needs To Work
There is no substitute; code works or it doesn't.

Writing high performance code isn't that hard for an experienced developer, but experienced developers are hard to find. High performance code means programming that takes the steps necessary to ensure the design is flexible enough for future changes and that nothing is ever "broken".

This means contingency plans for every route, proper separation, architecture and abstraction, as well as thoroughly testing everything.

Your Dev Team Finds The Bugs Or Your Customers Do

Your customers will not tell you what is broken.

Instead, they leave. Even if they did tell you, it would be embarrassing to have something that is supposed to work... but doesn't.

Poor quality programming/bad developers can harm your reputation and more. There really is no excuse for putting something into a production environment that does not work. There's no reason to develop something unless it is built properly - that's the entire point of software development!

Benefits to hiring a professional.

When you find a professional developer, your entire project becomes easier to manage and maintain.

A good webdev knows more than a thing or two about making a high-performance website. We help you get the most out of your website, making sure all of your components and features are working as they should.

We use unit-testing to unit-test functionality — even on the smallest of scripts. All of these add up to a unit-tested website, where problems are quickly identified instead of costing hours to fix.

Fast sites aren't better — better sites are fast.
Put yourself in the buyer's mindset: they want what
you offer. They've arrived on your site, they need help making a purchase, and they're no longer looking for why they should buy from you... they're looking for reasons they shouldn't.

Performance programming eliminates that risk. If there's a problem, it won't be from the code. Programming is difficult, it's challenging, but it's what your site uses to run properly. It's important to choose the right developer, because without good developers, your site will fall apart.

Is it worth it to hire professionals?

Whether you choose a company or a freelancer, the real question is "Will they deliver on their promises?". Good programmers:

  1. Save you time and money with faster, cleaner development.
  2. Know what they're getting into and can more accurately assess how long it will take to complete.
  3. Guide you to the best solutions possible instead of tying an anchor around your neck to suit their skills.
  4. Good programmers know when to say no, or suggest more effective answers to your problem.
  5. Good developers provide smart business solutions that improve your process and help grow your bottom line.

There's really no excuse to skimp. Unless you're just messing around, you need professional developers to build a professional site.

There is no other way — "make website work".